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Food stuck in throat or feeling of that for a month, started with a choking incident.

On July 13, I choked on a piece of cracker. I got it up but ending up in the ER because I still felt like I was choking. The ER physician said it that my throat had been scratched. And to put benadryl in Maalox to numb the area. By the next morning, I started having episodes of my throat swelling. This caused three trips to the ER and three EMS visit. One PA said it was a throat infection with pus and prescribed  Amoxicillin(?). Others strongly hinted that was caused by anxiety. I was also given Xanax and two Prednisone tapers. Will I do not have the throat swelling anymore. But now when I eat any near solid, I feel like it is stuck in my throat. Yesterday, I had soup with noodles. About an hour, later little pieces of white stuff floated up to my mouth. Very small round pieces. I am wondering if the physician assistant called it correctly. And that it was a throat infection. I stopped taking the Amoxicillin after a few days when the others said it was in my mind. But now I know that something gooky is where he said he saw it. I also have swollen glands under the arm on that side.Mucinex seems to bring up mucus from that side of my throat also. I hate to go back to any drs. because they think I am nuts. But I have lost weight because I cannot eat. Any help or insight appreciated.
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