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Food tastes bad

My husband has been unable to eat hardly anything for the past couple of weeks because he says everything tastes bad.  Even things he has always liked now have a bad taste and he cannot eat them.  This started awhile back but at first it seemed to be more related to smells.  His sense of smell seemed especially sensitive.  If he smelled something, then he couldn't eat it - even though the smell was not bad.  Now it has evolved to the point that most everything tastes wrong to him and he just cannot eat it.  It isn't that he can't swallow, he just gets nauseous if he puts the food in his mouth.  Any suggestions?  He takes a variety of mediations for heart issues but he and his physician have been  temporarily stopping each of them for a period of time to see if there is a correlation between one of them and the bad food taste - so far no success in this.
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A dental examination is important for detecting the cause of your symptoms. It is possible that there could be an abscess or retention of debris under the bridge. A loose crown can lead to lodgement of bacteria under it and cause bad odour.Other causes of bad breath from mouth are tooth decay, sinus disease or gum diseases or reflux disease. These are only possibilities. Seeing a doctor for accurate diagnosis is important. Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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