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Foul, "burnt" taste in back of throat

For a couple of weeks now I have been experiencing a foul, organic, almost "burnt" taste in the back of my throat.  I would describe it as the sort of aftertaste eating a steak might produce.  I do not have bad breath, and the taste is only occasionally present, doesn't last long, and is not particularly intense.  I do not get heartburn, nor do I have any strange digestion things going on.  I am not pregnant.  I am concerned that because others cannot detect a foul smell and because it has been going on for so long despite a varied diet, that something systemic could be going on.  However, having no other symptoms I can think of off the top of my head, I can't rationalize seeing my primary care physician.  Any idea what's up? Thanks.
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I too wish someone with medical knowledge could answer. I have made one possible connection though. Weeks before I began having this burned-taste in my throat, I had white chunks in the back of my throat that later turned out to be "tonsil stones". These items smelled horribly though no one else could smell them. After they finally subsided I am know ridden with burnt breath though I do prefer the later. If I find any resolutions I will be sure to notify you. :)
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