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Freys Syndrome

Has anyone experienced Freys Syndrom and the accompanying sweating?  I write on behalf of a friend who had a mastoid in her ear removed when she was young and, more recently, had and op on parotoid gland.  She has since been experiencing severe sweating of the face, neck and redness, sometimes accompanied by an itch.  She is aware that an op is possible, but, due to the stress and pain of her last op, she does not want to go through this again and I wonder if there is something she may be able to take, or an ointment she can use, that will reduce the sweating and discomfort, which, at times, is unbearable.

Due to the fact that at times she cannot swallow properly, she has had severe acid reflux which, at first, the medics mistook for gall bladder problems, and she has only recently been diagnosed with Freys after suffering for two years.  She has not yet discussed possibilities with her consultant, but, please, if anyone knows how she can get relief from this awful thing, perhaps herbal?, I would be pleased to know.  I read somewhere that botox injections may help?

Also, would it be possible for the acid reflux to be caused by this disorder?  Any information GREATLY appereciated. Thanks.
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