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Fullness after a cold

I know that this might be a reapeat question but I just want to ask.. I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and started getting ear fullness like going up a mountain. I thought it was related to the cold and nothing else, untill the cold whent away and now I still have the fullness it has been about three weeks I cant seem to pop them there is no pain or anything I am just wondering if I really need to go see the doctor or if it will go away on its own? It doesnt hurt it is just bothersome.. Thank you

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You most likely have infected Eustachian tubes.  If you go to a doctor, and you should anyway, they will tell you to take pseudofed or any other decongestant, and Mucinex, until it drains.  There's not much else to be done.  If you ear starts to hurt, go to a doctor for sure, that's a different problem.
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