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Hard immobile and painless lump in neck. What could it be??

Hello, I'm looking for some desperatel advise about a lump I discovered in my neck about 3 months ago. The lump is literally below my ear in between the mastoid process and the back of my jaw. it is not attached to the jaw or below it, it is very much attached to my neck and is roughly the size of a grape. It's caused me no severe pain or local swelling, just an occasional dull pain that is gone within a matter of seconds. I have been too scared to visit the doctors because I feel like I am wasting their time or they won't thoroughly check me and might miss something. Iv been searching all over the Internet to find an answer to this problem and I cannot find a single one! Everything I find is almost always related to cancer of the lymphatic system but I had a look at the lymph nodes in the neck and there isn't actually one located in this very spot in my neck, iv looked at a tone of pictures just to be sure but theyre more further down the neck, to be honest I haven't found a single thing located in this spot I just find pictures of neck muscle D: not very reassuring. When I went to the doctors for a different issue around when I first discovered it I decided to mention it but said he couldn't feel nothing I was a bit shocked and he felt again then dimissed it as I swollen node or gland. Made me so angry, he couldn't of cared less what it was so because of that too I don't want to go back. I haven't noticed any other significant swellings or changes to my body other than a pea sized lump which Im almost sure is a node on the hair line back of my neck and extreme fatigue throughout the day accompanied by aches and pains dotted across my body. Thats pretty much everything I can think of, but somebody please get back to me any advise will honestly be appreciated. Thanks :)
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