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Hearing Damage/ Migraine-like Headaches From Swallowing Hard

I wouldn't exactly call this a swallowing difficulty, but rather a very bad reaction that occurs when swallowing.  
It feels as if when I swallow sometimes, I do so with excessive force to the point where I either create a vacuum or blow large amounts of air at high speed inside my head.  My eustachian tubes appear to over-inflate with air or experience a vacuum effect, sending a shock wave up to my middle ear and eardrum resulting in a *bang*.  I can also get the sensation that air is being shot through my temples at high speed and that they themselves inflate.  

The immediate result of this kind of swallowing is head pain, dulled hearing, tinnitus, and dizziness.  The hearing loss often does not resolve because of the force the swallowing must have exerted on the middle ear.

I have no idea why this is occurring.  I do have very tight neck muscles and something wrong with my cervical spine, which I guess may abnormally position the eustachian tubes to make them more susceptible to changes in air pressure when swallowing.  These strange swallowing also began shortly after what I believe was a neck strain. But that is my only guess.

Anyone Else have this problem or know what it is?  Thanks!
Anyone else have ideas as to what is going on?
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