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Hearing loss


I have perfomed an audiogram on myself which concerns me, I would appreciate expert input. I'm 22 years old.

My hearing is perfect, up until 6000hz (borderline at 25db) and then there's a downslope at 8000hz (to around 35/40db). This is bilateral - both ears.

I believe this is consistent with a mild sensorineural defect. I believe I've had this issue since much younger (I couldn't hear the annoying high pitch sounds my friends would play for a joke - ie at age 14).

I have no FH of hearing loss, and I think my congenital hearing test must have been normal.

Could this be a simple case of presbycusis at a young age or is it something else? I am worried that it is progressive. I am otherwise fit and well, no problems.

(Note - I have no real hearing issues, day to day)

Thanks, John
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