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Help about lump and other symptoms

I have had a growth , hard lump behind right jaw, under right ear for over a year. When it was the size of a pea, my GP said there was nothing to make of it. The growth has grown and now I have other symptoms that have been happening , ringing in ear, chest ache all the time, pain sometimes with hard lump, problems swallowing,night sweats,sweating all the time, tired, irritable,moles are starting to grow, skin on arms feels rashy. When the ENT checked he tilted my head forward and I felt the lump and when he rolled his fingers over it, I felt sick to my stomach and it was very painful. He also said there was another lump on the left side of my neck which I didn't even know about. I have no infection as I just had antibiotics about a month ago for a UTI. I will be having a CT with contrast. I would like to know what he could be looking for as he is scaring me with talk about cancer, but not giving me any information, no bed side manner to comfprt me, just left me with that and left the exam room.......can someone give me some ideas of what could be going on?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.
It could be enlarged lymph node/nodes. Lymph are protective mechanisms of the body and they 'trap' the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The infection can be from the draining skin or the organs. The other causes for enlarged nodes are tumors or inflammations to name a few. Next you could see if any of the draining areas have any evidence of infection, like tonsils, the skin, tooth abscess or an ear infection. Infections like tuberculosis can cause lymph adenopathy.  It would be worthwhile to see if other lymph groups are enlarged namely, axilla and groin, these can be palpated, the others like those in the chest or abdomen may need a CT to detect their enlargement.
Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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