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Help me decode this weird symptoms list

Hi, I have been having different combinations of these symptoms for a few weeks now. The symptoms have been getting worse so I am really scared and going to consult a doctor soon. But still any help in decoding this will be really appreciated !

1) headache - feels like a sinus headache, on temple, over the eyes, between the eyes
2) facial pain and pressure
3) pain in upper jaw and teeth
4) difficulty speaking at times
5) inflamed throat (mild)
6) slightly irritated nose - but no congestion
7) bad breath - more than usual and frequent
always wake up with a headache
9) infrequent but more than regular sneezing
10) tiredness, muscle aches, neck pain
11) eye twitching (became worse in last 3-4 days) - mainly on right bottom lid
12) always wake up with the headache

I sit on computer a lot, have lots of stress, and used to chew gum a lot recently ( I quit as it hurts now). Any help will be highly appreciated. I also have really large tonsils.

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Sounds like it maybe sinusitis  I do know flu virus has been going round with similar symptoms, I have had it twice, I think you should go and have a check up see what they say ..
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