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Hoarseness after tonsillectomy

Hi there

My son (22 year old male) is a professional singer. He got his tonsils removed on Monday September 29th. The surgeon, knowing that he was a singer, approved the use of a laryngeal mask instead of a breathing tube during surgery so that they wouldn't be touching his vocal cords.

Unfortunately, on Friday morning (October 3rd) he started bleeding profusely and we had to rush him to the hospital. They had to put him under more general anesthetic so that they could go in and stop the bleeding (I believe one of the scars somehow fell off too early). This time, they said that they had no choice but to use a small breathing tube, but they said that they would be careful upon insertion, and the procedure itself was, at maximum, 30 minutes.

He is starting to speak a little bit now, but his talking voice is very quiet and a hoarse (on and off). As a singer, he is sort of scared that his vocal cords are damaged. Or is the hoarseness just a result of the surgery and his throat/surgical areas being swollen?

Along those lines, he got his tonsils removed because he was having recurrent tonsillitis ever since he was young, and his ENT told him that the tonsils were taking up a lot of space because they were cryptic, and that his singing voice would improve if he got them removed as well. Can this be confirmed? Do singers generally enjoy an improved voice after a tonsillectomy?

Thank you so much for your help. He's freaking out a little bit and I want to put his mind at ease somehow.
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I had my tonsils removed as an adult. I had a massive bleed 9 days post op. I had a Hoarse voice for approx 6 weeks following my surgery. My singing was not affected :). cant say it improved my voice, but didnt make it worse.

Best thing is i havnt had so much as a common cold since having my tonsils out.

I used to get colds and chest infections and tonsillitis all the time...Have not had anything since surgery :)
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