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Horrible 24-7 Sinus Pressure / Congestion but no classic allergy symptoms

I'm a 26 year old male and since October 2006 have been experiencing 24-7 sinus pressure in the upper corners of my nose (always one side at a time), but NO allergy symptoms (i.e. no running nose, sneezing, coughing, itchy nose/eyes/throat, etc).

The pressure is so bad that it presses back onto my brain, causing terrible lightheadedness, forgetfullness, and general mental impairment.  I must emphasize that this pressure is ALWAYS there--I am becoming severly depressed and feel like I have run out of options.

CT scan came back perfectly normal.  I have tried Rhinocort, Nasarel and Flonase for many weeks with no improvement, and have tried Astelin nasal spray and Allegra with no effect.

I doubt this is allergies, as I have never in my life had allergies, and also because this sinus pressure is CONSTANTLY there regardless of whether I am possibly in the presence of allergens.

The only things that help are Afrin spray (works for about 20 hours, but has awful rebound congestion) and heavy exercise (the pressure clears up almost completely while my heart is beating fast).

I am going back to my third ENT in a couple weeks.

Anyone else out there have similar symptoms?

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I have my nose contantly stuffed up. I feel dirt in my eyes at night when I close them to go to sleep, &  they get stuck I actually have to pull them open, and I just feel my eyes get real heavy that I cant open them...........I feel this pressure behind my head right in my brain all thetime and it feels ugly like I cant think straight, I cant concentrte sometimes, and even like I am going to lose control of my self at times, I have short term of memory loss at times and speech problems from time to time I actually feel worth less at times. i have no insurance so I have to deal with it.........................i just get scared that it will be something worse at time to time......................It's scarey what if it's a tumer or cancer in the brain..........I really stress my self out over this..........
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I just recently experienced intense pressure in both of my ears out of nowhere. The pressure subsided a bit through this last week but now my teeth, face and back of my neck are extremely full of pressure and I'm in terrible pain! I also have a little chest congestion that seems to make me cough in the evening hours. My teeth actually hurt worse than anything right now! I don't even want to eat and I can't have hot drinks because I also have rosacea. I am a mother of two toddlers and attend online classes for my school. I am so busy all the time and can't concentrate as well as I used to. I just took some Ibruprofen, about 800 mgs..does anyone know of any other solutions at this point? I don't have insurance until the end of this year when my husband's benefits kick in that actually include the spouse..go figure huh?? Please help anyone! Thanks!
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this is what im experiencing right now. pressure above the corner of the nose. its so very uncomfortable having this problem. when i feel the pressure i cant breathe on that affected area. it result for me to be emotion unstable. the part of this is, it affect as mentally. it so damn affecting me that im become a loner and i got so many failing grades on my studies.
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i also have this problem. pressure on the upper corners of the nose., which has affecting my brain (feeling of headache, with matching mood change, personality etc.).

i consulted 3 ENT because of this but those 3 ent doctors only said to me that im having sinusitis and slightly deviated septum. itold them what i feel about my nose but they just dont like to talk about that.

do you found the cure  24-7SinusPressure?. please reply here if you check in this forum again. you made this topic about a year ago. i hope we can read you post again here concerning this issues. thank you

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I am the same, am seeing a neurologist tomorrow, am scared this could be a tumour. I have pain at the to of my nose, tightening across the forehead, pain in my ears, pain behind my eyes, tingling sensations all over, I'm so scared
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I have had nearly all the symptoms listed here for 2 months now, and have been getting sinus infections for years. This is the first time that no antibiotic has worked. I have tried three so far. I also had an MRI last week, and it came back negative for anything neurological and, in fact, indicated my sinuses were clear. I felt like I was going to strangle in the MRI "tube" on the post-nasal drip which never goes away, and my face was totally numb on one side from all the pressure. But supposedly my sinuses are clear! How can this be? To Fairyloveheart, I would not worry about your problem being a tumor. That is highly unlikely. I described some of my newest symptoms to my ENT, who has known me for years since I am a frequent visitor, and he acted like he had never heard of these symptoms, like skipping heart beats, tingling in the face, extreme dizziness and unable to think from the pain and pressure. But I have just read that many of you have had the same symptoms, which is some comfort, but it would be even better if the ENTs knew this! I have two symptoms I that no one has described
1. the numbing and tingling sensations were not only on the left side of my head but several times went down the whole left side of my body. I thought I was having a stroke and went to the ER, but the MRI did not show that I had had a stroke. 2. And no one has described feeling like you have the flu all the time on top of the other horrible symptoms. It is getting more and more impossible to work in this condition. Has anyone else had these strange symptoms associated with a Sinus Infection? Migraines and allergies were ruled out.
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I have over the years had very similar problems.  I can't take sudifed because I take medicine for my thryroid.  For the longest time I thought I had a brain tumor.  But because it has been going on for years and I only seem to get it from November - April I have come to the conclusion that I have barometric headaches..  All winter and when the weather changes (rain, snow etc.) My face and head hurts very bad. I have been sick to my stomach and dizzy.  I have been allergy tested and that is negative.  I take two Motrin and I swear it goes away.  Sometimes if I let it go to long it may take 4 Motrin. It reduces the swelling from your sinus.  Hope this helps. As far as the tingling down the arm it could be anxiety if everything else is negative.
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My symptoms are identical to the original poster, I even have the same thing with the Afrin helping temporarily then a rebound later that's so bad it wasn't even worth it..And the same thing with exercise helping to clear the passages, that is when I muster enough energy as I feel like I've had 4 hours of sleep in 2 years..Anyone had any luck resolving, it's unbearable, ONE CAN'T GO ON LIVING LIKE THIS.

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I too had a CT ordered by an ENT and they all said no problem you're clear! DOCTORS DON'T SEEM TO KNOW ANYTHING.
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i also have this "nose pressure" but i dont know if it is a sinus pressure so i will describe it. please tell me if this is also what you're experiencing.

i have this nose pressure. that  is located on the upper corners on the side of the bridge of the nose inside. its like there is something "pinched" inside of my affected nostril. if things get worst, not only that i felt this pinched or pressure, the affected nostril of my nose also suffer compression!. its like your one nostril was being compressed, so damn compressed that you may think that the hole of your nostril was disappeared. totally blocked.

sometimes this pressure is disappeared!. but the problem is....... it switches on the other nostril!. so the other nostril (right nostril) is the one who feels the pressure.

i would like to ask if this is the sinus pressure that you experience.

i doubt that what i have is a sinus pressure because the pressure is on my nose it self.
and the sinus is located on the face not on the nose.

im going to reply here again if someone here reply on my message. thank you
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i also add that when ever i blow or sniff on the affected nostril (sinus/nose pressure) i feel ache on my head. on the lower back of my head near the neck. but this ache instantly disappeared. this ache is just a respond on the blow or sniff that i did. i also notice that my vision became worser and worser. i dont know if this is two are connected.

anyway do you frequently sniff. because when ever i sniff sometimes the pressure disappeared temporarily. i also felt this "pull" feeling in my nose. but sometimes sniffing makes this pressure worst.

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I just found this post and it just about made my cry...

For the last 3-4 years I've had progressively worse symptoms. They seem to roughly coincide with the change in seasons, and used to last for a week or two. Last season, they lasted for over 2 months. It starts with an abundance of phlegm, both in my saliva and in my sinuses. Often this is accompanied by intense sinus pressure. It's bad enough that it affects my vision and hearing. It then moves into a sever case of post-nasal drip, which empties into my lungs while I sleep. I then exhibit signs of cold/flu, aches, pains, headache and tiredness. I then move into violent coughing spells where I'm coughing up enough phlegm to fill a drinking glass ~1-2" per night. It get so intense I'm often on all fours coughing into the glass. About this time my ears completely plug, with intense, painful pressure. I often feel sinus pressure which seems to move from one sinus cavity to another. It doesn't feel like I'm blocked up with mucus, more like my sinuses are so swollen that they are closing up. It's gotten to the point where I've threatened to stick an ice pick in my ear, or even commit suicide. That sounds dramatic, but during a prolonged attack, I can't emphasize enough how much it affects my outlook on life.

During my last attack, I spent over 7,000 dollars on doctors, healers and medicines. I've been put on antibiotics more times than I can count. I've have a cat-scan (everything was normal), I've been to an ENT, Allergist, homeopathic allergist and an acupuncturist. I'm currently on preventive Astaline and Nasonex. I use a Neilmed sinus rinse almost daily. I run an air purifier, have encased my bed and pillows in allergy barriers, and keep a very clean apartment with only wood floors. I even recently moved to a new apartment. I was tested for allergies, and tested positive for nothing. I don't eat meat (over 15 years), have very little dairy and am generally more heathy than 99% of the population. I'm 31, thin/fit and work out. I live in New York City, and just hope I'm not allergic to the city!

I'm feeling the symptoms coming on again, and I'm getting very worried. I'm a freelance designer, and when I get sick, I don't get paid. I really hope someone out there has a suggestion. I read through this post, and unfortunately, there were no new ideas that I haven't considered/tried. I've taken up to 300mg of pseudophedrine daily, tried the candita diet, removed dairy from my diet, tried asteline, zyterc, flonaise, rhinocort, had steroid shots, antibiotics... you name it, I've tried it.

If anyone has any new ideas, please let me know!

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It sounds like it might be electromagnetic sensitivity.  Tinnitus, sinus headaches, strange light sleeping, dizzyness, anxiety, occasional blurry vision, head fog.  I got it all and I found that it was because I was being affected by my cell phone, wifi, gaming system and cordless phones (especially powerful DECT phones).  They all emit high radiation and they are on 24/7.

It all got better when I turned them off.  check out electrosensitivity.org or Canada's WEEP initiative.  Best of luck and if it is helpful -- pass on the info -- not so many people know about this but I think a lot are suffering from the same symptoms.

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ten to one you probably have vasomotor rhinitis.  I have had this for 6 miserable years. Nothing works, nasal rinses twice a day per doctor. Steroid nasal sprays- don't work, antihistamines don't work.  increased water intake did not work, humidifer in bedroom did not help. Elevating the head of the bed is suppose to help with vasomotor rhinitis- did not help. Spent $1,000 on hepa air filter on furnace to help with any air irritiants - did not help- my house smells good that is about it.  All the doctors ever say is "this can be inflammation from allergic or nonallergic rhinitis- use nasal rinses, steroid nasal sprays and this could take weeks to months for the steroid nasal spray to help". Look back on these ENT forums that is all the doctors ever say .  There is not a cure for this problem. It has to do with the blood vessels inside your nose that expand and cause congestion and after sometime the blood vessels can not return back to a normal state and that would cause chronic nasal congestion. and post nasal drainage as well.
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I'm still in the process of being tested for my symptoms.  For the past 3 months now, I feel very tired.  My nose and ears and somewhat stuffed up and I have trouble breathing.  I feel like like I have to always clear my throat to get enough air in.  I take deap breaths in to get more oxygen and I sometimes get dizzy spells and I feel like I have some nasal drainage happening into my throat.  I have had tests done on my lungs, heart, broncial area, CT Scan and allergy tests done.  I am healthy other than a small Cyst in my nose (which the doctor tells me is normal for a lot of people) and my allergy tests came back with my being allergic to dust mites and somewhat to cats.  I am taking Aerius for allergies and it doesn't seem to really help.  I do have cats (and always have) and I really don't believe that my cats are causing how I feel.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the food and spice allergy tests I've taken.  This is very frustrating and I'm wondering if anyone else out there has any possible answers.  Thanks so much!
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I have all they symptomes above, including low grade fevers on and off, sometimes flu like symptomes. If anyone finds anything out please contact me. thanks so much.
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I am also experiencing what your going through. Im 22 years old, female and as far as i can remember with my childhood i already had sinusitis. clogged nose, presurre on my head and on my nape. i also had no signs of allergy ( sneezing or drowsiness), what i experience are frequent colds, very yellow colored mucos. as for now, i can't find treatment.

i had visited 3 ENTS, and they all suggested for a surgery since i have a nasal polyps.
do u have nasal polyps? what did you do?
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Hello, I have nearly the same thing but better now  (please read might help all)

First and formost get a CULTURE to see if sinus problems are baterial/stpah related read below for my story which is like everyone

The possible answer to your problem

Simply put, classic example of a baterial infection of the sinus...this is a pain in the butt because it causes your glands in your face to swell, causing pressure, in turn can put pressure on your facial nerves. The ear becomes irritiated because of the swelling and you get eustationy tube dysfuction...causing ear problems and hearing loss. It all ties into one another...facial pressure occurs because your sinuses cannot get air into the cavities because of the swelling thus causing sinus headaches...dizzyness, pain, loss of focus, depression

CTs btw do not show everything...get a CULTURE done, because if its staph infection that could be your problem as well, and the CT did not show that I had a staph and by the time I had a culture done...the infection damaged both my ears and my sinus to the point I had to get sinus surgery....

Hope my answer helps, might point you in a good direction all I recommend get a CULTURE...to see if it is baterial related...

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laaz may be right, it could a semi-hopeless case of vasomotor rhinitis, but it's not "game over" for many of you on this post.  The sinuses are still a medical frontier, and one of the lastest lightly-researched ideas is the notion of a fungus infection, which will give you the symptoms most of you show, but without enough blockage to show up on a CT scan.   Dr. Jens Ponikau is looking for a anti-fungal nasal spray, but until then, one of the few effective solutions is the saline Sinus Flush.  It's vastly superior to regular saline irrigation (which was useless for me), because it reaches the far upper reaches of the sinus cavities where fungi like to grow.

The procedure is a mildly risky, because you have to bend over slowly in a shower, but it will remove any foreign viral, bacterial or fungal substance from all of your sinuses, including, sometimes, some rather strange material.  If you are adventurous and in pretty decent shape, give it a try by putting your cursor on the blue "friggy" and going to the journal entry for the Instruction Manual.  As Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never give up!"
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Is anyone suffering the same thing as me???  All of my symptoms started. off during my pregnancy of my first child back in 2003 I woke up one morning with a HORRIBLE headache. It was unlike any pain I ever had. By the way I have never in my whole life had headaches until the pregnancy. But anyways it felt like a headache on the bone of my nose on my left side of my face. It was throbbing and making my whole face and head hurt. I went to my doctor and he looked up in my nose and said that my turbinate’s were red and really swollen and that I had a sinus infection. So he put me on antibiotics and after taking the first dose it went away. So after I finished all of the antibiotics the symptoms came back again and a sinus infection was diagnosed again. He put me on antibiotics again the symptoms went away. Then like almost every month or so I kept getting the symptoms on my left side only (swollen turbinates, the headache coming from my nose bone) and he would keep putting me on antibiotics. So then I eventually had my first child. I kept getting the symptoms about every month or 2 months and he would put me on antibiotics and it would help but the symptoms would always come back. So then he referred me to an ENT Dr. Webb in Waxahachie Texas . I went to him and they did a CT scan on my sinuses. The results were I had no fluid or any signs of sinusitis. So then he said he would look at the films himself. Well then he called and said he found something. He said it was called cohcabolsa or something weird like that. He said it was the lining over my sinuses. He said he needed remove that and he also stated that I had a deviated septum which was probably from me having lots of sinus infections all the time and that when my turbinates would swell up it could have caused me to get a deviated septum. So then he said let’s do a allergy test on you. Well just to let you know I have NEVER had allergies my whole entire life. So then he does a skin allergy test. The results were I was allergic to dogs, cats, 6 kinds of mold, mountain cedar, pollen and some others. Well I have had dogs and cats growing up. We had dog before and during my pregnancy. I never had any allergies or allergic reactions NEVER. So he starts me on allergy shots for 3 months or so. They never helped nor got rid of the headaches and I still was getting sinus infections. So then he says try salt water everyday like 3 times a day. So I did that and of course didn’t work and he had also tried allergy medications as well.  So then he says surgery will probably be the only thing that helps. So he does the surgery. I heal and still have the headaches coming from my nose bone. So then I go in again he swabs the inside of my nose and takes it to the lab to see what is causing the infections and swelling. It comes back staff like it has before. So he puts me on some stronger and higher doses of antibiotics and of course the symptoms keep coming back and he pretty much blue me off since he couldn’t figure it out. So then I go back to my regular doctor (Dr. Bailey) and the symptoms keep on and he keeps putting me on antibiotics. I had also had a another allergy test done where they drew my blood and tested it. It came back that I had NO allergies. So I don’t know which test is right. Every time I went to Dr. Bailey he says I have swollen turbinates and they are red. I would have drainage going down my throat as well. So then I keep getting the headaches more often almost everyday. The antibiotics cleared up the infection but I would still have the headaches. They would be coming from my nose around my eyes to my temple down my head behind my ears as well. Also my cheeks and jaw bones hurts as well everyday. It’s always on the left side and now it’s on the right as well. So then I get pregnant again. I am still having headaches every single day and nothing works really to help it. I had my 2nd child last year in April. So then Dr Bailey referred me to a neurologists in Dallas . I went to him and he said I was having migraines. So then he puts me on topamax, midrin, and reaglan for nausea. So then I take that for the first time and the topamax made me feel weird and I didn’t feel like myself and the medication was just making me feel weird and depressed like. So then I call him and they put me on Valiporic acid. I start taking that. I had no side effects to it. So I was ok with taking that then he told me to keep taking the midrin and raglan. So I try all of this therapy for almost 3 months and they would increase the dosages on the valporic acid. I still had the headaches everyday. So I went back to them and they thought it was my sinuses. So I go to another ENT there in Dallas . I had another CT scan on my sinuses done. So he tells me that I still have a deviated septum and that I have a lot of scar tissue. He also says that my sinuses are not draining right. So then he says I need to have another surgery. He also states that the headaches might be something else other then sinuses and that the sinuses could be the trigger for the headache. I have the surgery and again I am still having headaches everyday and I have still the constant pain in my cheeks, around the eyes. It feels like it’s swollen and like a tingling sensation. So then I got referred to neurologist in Waco b/c it is closer then Dallas . So this is all that has gone on in the past 4-5 years. I find it real odd that it started when I was pregnant and it’s gotten worse. All my symptoms are sinus related. So I have no idea what it is. I have also even seen a chiropractor a little a month and that didn’t help either. They said my muscles, neck, and shoulders are tensed but like my doctor said they probably are b/c my body is stressed out from all of this. My neurologist in Waco did a MRI on my neck and it came back that I had mild bulging disc in my neck but it was not a nerve so they said that it probably is not the cause of what’s going on.  The neurologist also put me in the hospital to try this medication DHE which it  is suppose to get rid of the migraines . Well I still had to take medication after discharged from the hospital and they are still bad and everyday. So hopefully someone can tell me what they think or something lol…thanks


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I read many of the stories here in awe. I too have been experiencing very similar symptoms as many of you here. Mine basically include tension type headaches, pressure throughout my head, visual floaters/disturbances, slight dizziness but not as if Im going to fall, and somewhat of a cloudy brain fog like sensation.

Someone recommended that I try some non-medicated saline nasal spray which does seem to relive some of the pressure. After visiting my family doctor, she suggested that I try a Neti Pot for nasal irrigation. This too has helped relieve the pressure slightly but not 100%.

I usually experience seasonal allergies but with your typical symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, but never anything like Im experiencing now. If this is sinus related, none of the other allergy like symptoms are present. I dont have the runny nose or mucus. My face isnt sore which is typical with sinus infections.

Im wondering if its possible to experience sinus headaches and have sinus problems without the other allergy like symptoms? I have an appointment with an ENT in a few weeks. I'll keep everyone updated.
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I am having similar problems but is anyone having ear problems along with the 24x7 congestion? I have had these cold like symptoms for almost a year now. No matter how much I blow my nose it does not stop. (What comes out is not normal) My ears are also plugged 24x7 but about once a month one ear (sometimes both) will pop and allow me to here. After about 15min my ears will plug up again. Does anyone no what causes this?
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The symptoms you are describing are the symptoms of electro senstivity and not allergies.  It is a fully recognized disability in some countries but many US doctors know very little about it.

I had tingling headaches and bad ear ringing for months (the same ear I used on my cell phone).  I had bouts of nausea, acid reflux, sleep problems, and a heavy foggy headed feeling. My eyes would occasionally go blurry.  I felt anxious although nothing was so stressful.  I had pains in my facial bones.

It took me a long time to realize that I was reacting very strongly to radiation from cell phones (and antennae towers), DECT phones (powerful cordless phones) and wifi systems -- all radiate a lot of radiation and my body just couldn't take it anymore.  I literally turned them all off in order to feel better.

I learned that I was so sensitive that I was reacting to most electronics that cast an electromagnetic field.  The following sites were helpful in just understanding www.electrosensitivity.org   www.weepinitiative.org  and I joined health.groups.yahoo.com/group/emfrefugee/   where I founds hundreds of people around the world suffering from exactly the same symptoms.

I'd be interested to hear if this advice helps.

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Original poster here with an update.

I've figured out a few things since I last posted.

1:  I can make the sinus pressure switch sides by laying down on the ground/couch/bed.  For instance, if I am feeling pressure on the left side of my nose/head, then I lay down on my right side.  After staying in this position for a while, breathing deeply / regularly for a few minutes (sometimes it just takes 30 seconds), the left side will clear up and the pressure will move to the right.

2.  I have floaters which appeared the same time the sinus symptoms started.  Mainly in the left eye.  The ear ringing, muscle tension, and sinus pressure are also predominantly on the left side of my head.

3.  I have a strong feeling this is all jaw /bad bite related.  I have had braces for the past 9 months.  When I first met with my orthodontist, he noticed that my jaw muscle on the left side of my face (the side where the sinus pressure resides 75% of the time) was larger than the one on the left.  This could be due to lopsides jaw clenching, which in turn is the result of a bad bite.  I'll be getting my braces off within the next few weeks, then a bite or clench guard.  I'm hoping this will help.  I'll let you all know.
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Well, I think I'm having some of the same problems. I have a feeling of congestion in my jaw, it moves up my face. I have sliht back and neck pain. Nausea. It moves from side to side, and some days I feel fine. I've had blood work, CT, Ekg, all came back normal.
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I have the same pressure as well, but only in my left sinus. I too have been to ENT,Allergist and have tried most of the mentioned medicines above. I have made an appointment to see a Sinus specialist in hopes that he/she can assist me in finding relief
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I too have almost the exact same things going on. Mine started 2 years ago after getting the flu.   CT scans are "normal".  swollen membranes, swollen turbinates.  I had a cyst in my sinus, but two different ENTs said it wasn't a big deal.   I had a deviated septum corrected recently with no results.  (i wouldn't of done this, but I had broken my nose, so i reasoned with myself that I was just restoring it to its original place :) )  ENT says my turbinates aren't as swollen as before surgery, but still are a little bit.  I'm assuming that my sinuses are still inflammed (even months after the surgery) and that there is obviously something causing this.  Ive been tested for allergies, tried everything under the sun...and still am suffering from this!

I have an upcoming appointment with a notable ENT doctor from Johns Hopkins University.  It seems that not all ENTs are not created equal.  Look for one with Advanced Fellowship Training and ones that specialize in sinus diseases, rather than just structural things.  Surgeons cut...thats why they look at you wierd when you continue to tell them things arent right.  We all need to find doctors that treat sinus diseases, rather than cutting us open.  All of us hear have complex things going on, so we need doctors with complex thinking skills, and alot of advanced knowledge on this sort of thing :)

Good luck to EVERYONE in here.  I feel your pain, and I know how these symptoms pretty much find their way into every aspect of your life.  

Please let us know if you come up with any resolution, and i'll do the same!
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After having four sinus infections, some with a fever, within a year, I had sinus surgery a year ago. I also tested positive for allergies for everything they tested, except molds. I am 7 months into treatment with allergy (SLIT) drips and have noticed an improvement. However, it has been extremely wet in Phila area since last spring. After several days of heavy rains, like this week, I feel sinus pressure, headache, dizziness, lack of energy, sneezing/itching nose and post nasal drip. Ironically, my ENT said that since my sinuses were opened up "like caverns", allergens are not being filtered out by my much wider passages. I have much more energy since the surgery and my weight dropped by 8 lbs because my metabolism increased. My ENT prescribed Nasonex for dealing with the latest symptoms. He said it was allergies and not a cold or flu. The recent heavy rains washed most of the leaves off the trees and this may have unleashed allergens that I have not built up an immunity to yet from the drops treatment. I believe that without the surgery and SLIT, my symptoms would be much worse now.
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It's been a while since a posting here, but I have the same exact thing with sinus pressure, more specifically the switching of sides if I lay on the opposite side of the pressure, I didn't know someone else had this weird anomoly.  The doctors are useless, they truly don't have a clue nor do they care, not a single one, I've been through every single test as you have and I don't have allergies.  The fatigue is almost unbearable, and I haven't just wasted my money on doctors over the years, but had them steal it from me as they've never once come close to resolving my problem, basically never provided a service, and still took tens of thousands from me.  
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i have the very same condishion and have been to ENT who is sending me to allergest. i can't belive this is allergy eather ?????? i have been on prednisone, decongestionents, allergy meds 4 mo.s  balance is stilll bad. pressure in upper sinus and sides of head but at least my ears are clear now.

have you had any progress ??
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Didn't read every posting, but of 85% that I made it through, it sounds like you are all suffering heavily.

I had/kinda have still the same symptoms.

Concreted sinus passageways
Pressure affecting vision/hearing
Miserable "episodes" where symptoms would get drastically worse
Very uncomfortable pressure in my ears
Face numbness/tingling
Odd chest pains
shooting pains
General Misery

After chest scans, allergy panels, blood glucose tests, hypo-hyper thyroid-ism tests, and several others: Absolutely nothing. Still miserable.

Last thing on the list was food allergies. So, sick and F****** tired of wasting money on doctors, I decided to do my own "Elimination Diet."

It lasts 2 weeks and basically takes everything that you could be allergic to out of your system so you can add it back in strategically and hopefully discover any food related allergies you may have.

I won't go into detail, a simple google search for "elimination diet" should provide any and all details you need, but basically you remove from your diet for 2 weeks:

Dairy (milk, butter, cheese, ..etc)
Several below-ground vegetables like potatoes
Red Meat

After experiencing very similar symptoms to that of narcotic withdrawal, I began to feel amazing. Clear minded, no pressure, zip in energy, everything I knew/felt was being inhibited by my "condition"

After the diet, you add in each food group you have eliminated, one at a time over periods of 3 days each. That is to say: the first three days off the diet you could add back in dairy. You don't eat any of the other eliminated items during this period, just the one you are re-introducing.

You then go through everything you eliminated one by one and hope for results.

Luckily in my case, the first day off the diet I made the biggest cheesiest, milkiest, butteriest, plate of eggs I could handle and drank about 1/4 of milk to wash it down. Turns out, that was the suspect for me. Instant congestion/pressure/fear of clarity slipping back away struck.

Now, I don't eat dairy. Symptoms are 85% eliminated. I.AM.CELEBRATION.

Seriously though, not one F&*%*&* doctor mentioned a dietary elimination approach even once.

Try it. Worse case scenario is you lose a few pounds and become much more healthy.

Side note:

Asterpro Nasal Spray does help quite a bit for very temporary relief if I accidentally chomp down some dairy by accident. I wasn't thinking and ordered ranch dressing for my cheese-less salad the other day and was instantly aware of it containing dairy. Symptoms last for about 3-4 days
after dairy exposure. NOTHING AT ALL like before I was aware of the dietary issues though.

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I have been plagued with headaches that alternate from one side or the other for years. I often thought it was diet related because bowel movements were too often irregular and I felt bloated alot. I just didn't know a lot about GLUTEN allergies. I have eliminated wheat products and anything with gluten from my diet and I feel better than ever. I have to be careful because not everything is straight forward out there in restaraunt land. Read carefully nutrition information before eating anything that you have not prepared yourself. I had some tacos recently and I thought that I was fine because they looked like corn taco shells, but they were made of a blend of flours that were not gluten free. Today, wheat and even corn are so genetically altered from years past that I wonder if there is an increase of food allergies because of such change and introduction of GMO's.
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I've had the same feeling of pressure and the "burning" sensation on my eye, congestion, etc. It's only on the right side of my face. The pressure starts at my teeth on the right side of my face and goes up to the top of my head. It feels like I had a numbing shot all over the sinus area of the right side of my face. It's been almost two months now that I've had these symptoms. I'm on Clarithromyc, and after five days I still don't feel any better. The prescription I got from an ENT is for ten days, so hopefully, I will feel better in the next five days.

If this antibiotic doesn't work, there's another consideration I have. I have two impacted wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth. The DDS I saw, said that the symptoms I have may not be due to my teeth. I think there's a chance he could be wrong though, because I still have my wisdom teeth, and the removal will take place in two weeks from now.
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Well I had my wisdom teeth pulled last 2/15 and still the sinuses are as bothersome as ever. So I really don't know what caused it or why it's there. I guess I'm going to resort to the neti pot or some other stuff from the pharmacy. Good luck to all you sinus sufferers out there. We can get out of it somehow :)
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Whoops I met 2/15/13. My typo error lol.
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I am so glad and sad at the same time to know I'm not alone. It is currently 6:23 am EST. I have been waking up at 5 am the past few days with a terrible migraine, every single night. The sinus pressure in the back of my nose moves to my left eye my jaw my cheeks neck and ears. The ENT did absolutely nothing but suggest nasal decongestant spray which had the worst rebound congestion which leads to another horrible migraine, and zyrtec D seems to only help w allergy but not this congestion. I have tried the net I pot, does nothing, clarinex, nasonex, claritin, zyrtec, zyrtec D for what doctors think I might have, "allergies", for migraines I've tried every possible thing, OCT ALL OF THEM, excedrin, excedrin pm, naproxen, acetaminophen, ibuprofen,aspirin, for prescription, hydrocodone, orphineradrine, butalbital, tramadol, topamax (seizure or epilepsy med used for migraines made my hair fall out in handfulls), propanolol, amytriptaline (depression med supposed to help with migraines, increased my appetite drastically and I felt like I was gonna tear up my kitchen because nothing would satisfy me), currently just use treximet for migraine,  has been the only thing to work, except the side effect is cravings and ibs but I have no choice otherwise I'd end up in the ER as I have in the past. When I did end up in the ER they would use delaren. (Apologies as i have mispelled many of these meds but with my current migraine I can't think straight) 6 years ago I had a terrible flu and ever since my ears have been clogged, ENT found no cause to this, just minimal scarring on my left ear but that was due to recent poking with a q tip. I have suffered with migraines since I was like 8, barometric pressure is a trigger, that I'd have to move somewhere and hope it would work, i don't have family elsewhere but Florida, some foods and drinks are too those i can sometimes avoid, sinus or whatever this is is only made worse by Florida weather and I highly believe every home here has mold unless it is spanking new. I currently have to sleep almost sitting entirely up, would I have known this would be how it would progress I would've gotten a lay z boy chair and kept it as a bed.back in 2009 I had a car accident that ruined my neck, my muscles just keep getting worse, I had braces as a child and now I have TMJ. I too can only pass mucus down my throat not by pushing it out my nostrils. The ENT didn't find any mucus buildup or any kind of terrible inflammation when i saw him, yet every time I lay down i too experience the clogging and how it moves from one nasal cavity to the other depending on which side i lay on. This is just sad, that with the years of medicine we still haven't gotten to determine what this is, i feel like I'm running out of hope and energy, i feel exhausted, and I work as a hair stylist to make matters worse, I'm running out of options. And living like this isn't one of them. Wish everyone the best of luck and hope that soon one of us can find a solution and share it.
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Guys, you need to be taking NASAL STEROIDS. It's the only way to get your sinuses to calm down. I had the same symptoms, headaches, dizziness and feeling foggy every day all year round and getting steroids from my GP was the only thing that sorted them out.

The ones from the doctor are stronger and work better. Fluticosone furorate is the best one going at the moment.

You need to take them FOR A FEW WEEKS before everything goes back to normal. You have to spray at least once a day, every day WITHOUT FAIL or it won't work, but you have to give them time as they don't work instantly like the ones containing adrenaline-like compunds such as phenylephrine.
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An explanation as to why you need steroids, as a follow up from my last post...

When the lining of the sinuses get irritated (dust, allergies or even viruses) they block the drainage points. Your sinuses become like little incubators  for the bacteria that live inside them and you get repeated infections.

Repeated antibiotics can stop the infections but don't treat the cause- that your sinuses are pissed off by the environment. Steroids work long term by stopping the swelling of the lining and so allowing them to drain properly. By using saline you are helping to wash the sinuses out but again this only treats the symptoms and not the cause.

As an aside, if you use the steroids as a nose spray, you won't get the side effects which come with taking them as tablets. That's why they are safe to use long term.

I really hope this helps- I know how miserable sinus stuff is and how no one seems to know what is going on. I'm just lucky that I found a doctor who was able to explain all this to me.

Good luck.
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I have the same problems as u all, have had them for three years now I also have a lump on the left side of my neck , has anyone been tested for lymphoma?
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Good Day to all of you, i have read all the comments and hoping to share my experience with all of you.I was diagnosed to have a sinus last month,i am a 20 years old student. After taking antibiotics,painkillers and anti-histamines to cure my nose congestion, sore throat, heavy eyes, pressure on my sinus points and heavy headaches, i started to had headaches back and pressure on my sinus points. I searched many home remedies for this pain or anything that could be helpful.After a month i found this acupressure points which were really helpful to me. i would like to suggest you all to at least try it for sinus pain. the pain disappears within 3 seconds !

the point i tried is in the mid of eyebrows, up to the nose. press gently on that point for 1 minute and the pain will disappear like a miracle.
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I  found  the  causes  to  my  sinus  problems,  along  with  swollen  lymph  nodes  in  the  neck  were  due  to  wheat   and dairy  intolerance  and  also  from  mercury  toxicity  from  silver  dental  fillings, which  have  now  been  removed. I  found  this  out  through  a  naturopath  after  years  of  suffering.  I  stopped  getting  green  mucus  after  I  stopped  consuming  cow's  milk. The tinnitus also  stopped  after my  fillings  were  removed.

Just  thought  I  would  share  this  in  case  it  helps  anybody  else.

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charoun.. I sure as hell hope ur better. found this post today..and it makes me sad. ive been throu it all. so far they cant figure nothing out( drs.) yes this sure ***** big time. been thru 14 orthopedic surgerys. broken bones everywhere. this ear ringing sinus b.s. came on overnight.  been 3 months and I cant shake it. takn gabapentin and oxy .masking it somewhat isn't the answer. you wrote ur post 4 yrs ago....so im hoping ur cured by now and / or u have any advice? thankyou thankyou thankyou.
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Ive been a non aura migraine sufferer for over 35 years and discovered Imetrex about 18 years ago on my first trip to the ER, where I was given the injection.  I take the tablets which almost always work, when they don't (usually around my period) I use the injections, which ALWAYS bring quick and complete relief.  Ive talked to so many migraine sufferers who have never heard of Imetrex (Sumatriptan) or any of the others Triptan drugs. I am so puzzled as to why doctors aren't prescribing these drugs more.  Please ask your dr about them, maybe they're not for you, but they have been my miracle!  
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Having all the same issues too and have had them for several years. Doctors kept giving me medicine that was for temporary relief or that did not address the main issue.  Starting to take some natural methods of using vitamins that seems to help with the drainage that seem like was not occurring with me lately.  Just started using them about a week ago. When I stopped using it for a day I felt the pressure come back, but just by using them over a few days it started to help.  

I can actually feel tingling in my sinus area  from the cinnamon after taking this multiple times.  There are multiple products out there like this but this is the one I am taking since it was recommended by someone.

There is another natural vitamin that deals with infections that I have been taking as well.

There are many natural vitamins out there, so what if those may be the answer so we are not depended on medicine which we have no clue if there are helping one area but causing problems to another area in your body.  

Also I am trying out the Proboitic Pill Solutions to dela with increasing my good bacteria to help fight infections or anything occuring my body.

Will try to let eveyone know how this goes.

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My post was edited since it had links in it .  



are both of the products I am trying out now, will try to keep every posted on how this process goes over the next couple of months.

Suppose to help with immune, infections, clearing sinuses.  

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You are allergic to wireless, wifi and cellphones; sorry to be the one to tell you this, but we are all in and under a blanket of electrosmog, from all this damned technology and the effects are mindblowing. The symptoms are headaches, sinus pain, ringing in the ears, brain fog, fatigue, body aches and pains, dizzy, imbalance, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and on and on and on and on. And NO doctor will help, they don't understand these new emerging symptoms and can't diagnose them. Sorry, but your cellphone is making you sick. Turn it off. Also turn off wifi, routers, printers and all other gaming and mobile phones devices at home. We are now amongst those in the population who cannot withstand EMF's, electromagnetic radiation from wifi. It is poisoning us all. And it must be turned to airplane mode, the cellphone, if you plan on still using it. Use speaker phone or earplugs. Your life is in danger with the continued use of wireless technology. I would know, I am disabled from a smart meter.
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You are allergic to wireless, wifi and cellphones; sorry to be the one to tell you this, but we are all in and under a blanket of electrosmog, from all this damned technology and the effects are mindblowing. The symptoms are headaches, sinus pain, ringing in the ears, brain fog, fatigue, body aches and pains, dizzy, imbalance, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and on and on and on and on. And NO doctor will help, they don't understand these new emerging symptoms and can't diagnose them. Sorry, but your cellphone is making you sick. Turn it off. Also turn off wifi, routers, printers and all other gaming and mobile phones devices at home. We are now amongst those in the population who cannot withstand EMF's, electromagnetic radiation from wifi. It is poisoning us all. And it must be turned to airplane mode, the cellphone, if you plan on still using it. Use speaker phone or earplugs. Your life is in danger with the continued use of wireless technology. I would know, I am disabled from a smart meter.
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Hi how did you get on with this ?
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i suffer from the symptoms you have mentioned and there exact to the point although for me it affects me in the head, not upper nasal.To be honest I'm depressed about it as well and I've tried everything there is to use locally still to no avail.
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