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How Do I Heal a Burned Throat?

This past Tuesday, I had a mishap with a very hot piece of food that went straight to my throat for a few seconds, and I drank some cold water real fast.  What's strange is that there was hardly any pain then nor until now, four days later (Saturday), however, my voice has been affected (hoarseness).  My voice has not come back to normal since, and now I'm starting to get concerned.  

I read a few things online, which say to suck on ice whenever possible, and some other home remedies to cure a burned throat.  I have been doing that, plus avoiding eating or drinking anything hot, which is starting to become a drag because I want to be able to eat/drink things that aren't always cold.  

My main concern is that I hope I didn't do any permanent damage to my vocal cords, and that it will eventually heal on its own.  It's hard for me to believe that something like that could cause my voice to be affected THIS long or cause any permanent damage.  Can anyone help me with any other steps I could take to help heal this?  And again, there is NO pain at all, just the change in my voice (hoarseness - I always sound like I have a sore throat).  Thank you for any help.  
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