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How can I find relief for an extremely sore throat?

I have an extremely sore throat with what almost looks like canker sores on my throat. No cold like symptoms and only low grade fever. Started antibiotics right away, even though strep swab was negative.  After three days of antibiotics, my throat is as sore as ever and I've ;pst my voice.  I've used all the home remedies plus the magic mouthwash but no relief.  Is there anything else I can do, or should I go back to the Dr.?  I don't want to be a baby about a sore throat, but it's so bad I can't even sleep!
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In my opinion you need to go back to the doctor, especially if you've still go tthe sores in your throat and the fever (even low grade).  It could be you need a stronger antibiotic and the reason you tested negative for the strep could be that it was too early in the illness to register.  I had this happen the winter before last.  I had a horrible sore throat, fever, body aches, etc., and went to the doc - was tested for strep and was negative, but like you, because ol the symptoms, was put on antibiotics.  They did not help and I continued to get worse.  Returned to doc four days later and they retested me for strep and this time it came up positive and when I asked why it didn't show before, that was what they told me - it could have been too early in the illness to register.  Anyway - went through trial and error with 4-5 different antibiotics before we finally found one that helped!

Don't worry - you are NOT being a baby - any time a sore throat intereferes with sleep, breathing, eating, drinking - it DEFINITELY needs to be investigated.

I hope you feel better!
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