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How long until I go deaf?

I have been diagnosed with unilateral transmission sensoneural hearing loss.At the moment is moderate with 40Db in my right ear.  The doctor said eventually I will need an hearing aid, but he never said in how long.  I have  lots of questions about the condition but when gave me the diagnosis I went blanked.  He did all the test, but I he never asked for an MRI I have my doubts about Acoustic Neuroma. As well can this condition give you unsteadiness or a feeling off balance as a symptom?  If someone has knowledge about this condition I would very much appreciate your advice.
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Viral infections can cause damage to the inner ear and lead to sensorineural deafness. Head or acoustic trauma, injuries to the head and exposure to a sudden, extremely loud noise, tumours, acoustic neuroma all can cause sensorineural deafness. An acoustic neuroma causes tinnitus, hearing problems, vertigo and balancing problems. Most cases of sensorineural deafness have permanent hearing loss and hearing aids may be beneficial. It is suggested to have a complete hearing evaluation, discuss with your ENT specialist about how to interpret the results and discuss your concerns. Do write to me again on how you are doing.
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