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I am tired of the fullness in my ear

I am a 50 year old male with intermittent/ mild tinnitus and slight fullness in my right ear since January.. With the death of my father on May 6, 2016 the condition got worse.

I have tried Zyrtec, neomycin ear drops, amoxicillin at first.

I woke up one morning and  I suddenly developed a sensation of fullness in my R ear and ringing.
( low pitched roaring sound).Nothing that preceded it as far as I can tell. No colds or infections or anything. There was no vertigo. I am able to pop my ears, but there is no relief. My hearing doesn't seem to be affected, although the sound of my own voice has a strange echo-quality to it on that side of my head. Even my own voice sounds muffled. It's autophony (the loud, echo-ey hearing yourself speak).

It feels like when you go to a concert or when you go on a airplane. I could hear myself talking or hear an echo. Outside noise is amplified and it would make me hear drumming sound in my ear.  Insomnia because of ear.

The first ENT doctor

-took ear wax out
-place me on Flonase Nasal Spray 50 mcg
-did hearing test

His Dx:  Eustachian tube dysfunction

Second ENT:

-took ear wax
-did hearing test
-short dose of prednisone
-MRI which was normal
-Blood work which was normal
-recommend i see a recommend  Neurotology

His Dx: Meniere's Disease

3rd ENT/Neurotology
-place on presidsone

His Dx: Atypical Meniere's Dx/cochlear hydrops

I am still having problem..the fullness is horrible

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Hi, i had same issue and was diagnosed with Meniere. What worked for me:
-melatonin (remfresh) to sleep
-very low sodium diet (1500 mg)
-food allergy test indicated i am allergic to some foods which i stopped taking (Menieres disease may be triggered by allergies)
- gingko biloba and alpha lipoic acid supplements for tinnitus
-take natural diuretics (eg dandelion tea)
-drink two liters of water a day
-cut out caffeine
- low sugar and low carb diet (150 g or less of carbs per day)- some research shows link between glucose level and menieres disease
I know what you are going through. I feel a lot better after a few very tough months. Best of luck!
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