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I have sputum that comes up as a single pea-sized "bubble."

I started to get a "thick mucus" feeling back in February and was irritated enough that I went to see an ENT. She didn't see anything immediately wrong so she gave me flonase which did not work. The mucus is almost impossible to cough up, so I just have to wait for it to come up naturally. When it doesn't come up as one big blob, it is usually clear but thicker than what I'm used to. When it comes up as a blob or what I think looks like a bubble it is thick, clear, has white stringy streaks, has grey particles, and even has air pockets like a bubble while maintaining a spherical shape. Today I coughed up one that looked like it had a capillary - or tiny bloody streak. When I cough up these "bubbles" I get immediate relief from that "clogged throat feeling" but that relief is normally short lived. I should also add that I've had the grey particles in my snot and that my snot is unusually runny. My snot is normally clear but I had noticed the grey every once in awhile. The weird thing with my snot is that is it ALWAYS runny to a point where I'm embarrassed at my office because I'm always wiping my nose. If I don't wipe it hardens at the nostril (more embarrassing). It also gets runnier with exercise.
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