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I love singing but can't sing now

About 2 months ago, I was doing a solo with my church choir.  I had to sing a very high and extended note (I'm a first soprano).  I think I strained my vocal cord or something because that day my throat started hurting when I speak or sing.  My throat does not feel sore otherwise.  I've tried antibiotics and gargling with Peroxide, but they didn't help.  Any ideas?
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hi,this could be due to vocal nodules or inflammatory vocal cords.

Please consult ENT surgeon,usually in these type of cases voice rest,saline gargles along with steroids are prescribed.

Bye and take care!
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hi, i'm a singer also and when i was 20 had a camera put down my throat and they saw vocal nodules starting to form but said that they were at a very beginning stage. i'm now 29 and i still sing and didn't start having any problems with my throat again until i was diagnosed with hypo about a year ago. actually only when i'm having problems with my thyroid do i notice a change. i get hoarse for no reason even if i haven't sang. i have on the other hand been singing extremely high songs years ago and strained my vocal cords. some things that i try to do is get a sinus wash kit (just saline) and do that periodically just to keep your sinus cavity from building up a lot of mucus. clearing your throat is not good because it is very harsh on your vocal cords. you are basically banging them together and i was told to avoid doing that and try to drink water when my throat feels that way. one other thing that has really helped me is throat spray. entertainer's secret is a basic lubricant for your throat (no medication) it has honey and apple in it and kind of coats the throat. if you sing with dry vocal cords you are more prone to damage them. i don't know how serious singing is for you but warming up and learning the correct breathing techniques is vital. my dr said even if i develop nodules and have them removed if i keep putting the strain on my vocal cords in possibly 6 more months i'd be having surgery again. i'm not at all talking about learning to sing only techniques that will save your voice. i grew up in a rural area and started singing at 10 and i never had any training. i always thought why do i need someone to teach me to sing if i know how, but it's so much more than that. i hope some of this is helpful. singing is my world. that's why i moved to nashville and i just love it no matter where i ever go or don't go with it. i know how frustrating it can be when something goes wrong. one other thing, any soda or alcohol (even mouthwash) shouldn't be the last thing that goes in your throat before singing. try drinking a small glass of water before you sing and you can get the throat spray at most pharmacies they keep it in the back for some odd reason but it's non prescription. everybody in nashville seems to use it. lol it does help. hope this helps a little sorry so long :)
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