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Immovable, growing lump on back of neck

Hello - I am 36/female.  I have been sufferring from many weird symptoms of severe, intermittent, left-side neck pain that feels almost like someone is yanking out a big nerve or something (instead of like a muscle pain).  I also have a strange, vertically elongated kidney bean sized 'lump'? on the left side directly under the skull.  This lump was the size of a baby pea about 2 years ago.  I was told my the doctor 2 years ago that it was probably just a lymph node and not to worry about it, however with the onset of this strange neck pain that is more towards the back of the neck I wonder if it is getting in the way of something.  I talked with my Dr. and they sent me for a carotid doppler that came out normal but nothing to look at the lump.  I have a PPO and wondered what type of doctor I should go to see that would maybe do a more thorough examination of this type of stuff.  I also have major confusion, headaches, lack of concentration, self neglect, excessive and uncontrollable hunger, disturbing (to me) personality changes (I used to be nice and love people, now I can hardly stand them, everyone annoys me for no reason, etc.) but figure maybe I have some kind of mental illness since a plain CT scan showed nothing abnormal looking in my head.  Several types of psychiatric meds have been tried with no improvement.  Help, feeling very hopeless.
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PS - I also get a weird hearing problem lately where i lose hearing and get a ringing sensation in my left ear as well but it goes away after 15-20 seconds or so.
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