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Inflammed papillae under tongue

Need help, advice. About 5 weeks ago got a throat infection. 2 doses of antibiotics (500mg amoxil, 3/day, 7 days ... then pms-azithromicin (5 day treatment) ... sort of helped ... but not fully resolved ... noticed inflammed, swollen/irritated papillae under tongue (both sides of tongue and also under front of tongue also). Salivary glands swollen. Not resolving ... getting chills every so often ... feeling cold every so often also ... trying to see an ENT ..they are so busy in Canada ... approx 2 months to see one .... Help !!!
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Anyone please .... I put Oracort on the inflamed areas (papillae and tonsillis area) side and under front of tongue. Woke up the next morning and my rt eye was red. Later in the day my rt eye became blurry, especially for reading close up stuff. Really paniced. Any advice ??
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Hi ,

Try to see an ENT soon go to ER if possible because their might be many things that can cause a sore throat for so long .
I know how it feels when one gets a sore throat i am having since 5 months.
And i am fed up taking medicines .!
My right tonsil is swollen a bit. And also so many symptoms .

All the best to you.
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