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Injection Snoreplasty

My ENT has recommended me for a procedure called Injection Snoreplasty to treat my snoring. Can you provide some feedback or opinion on this intervention? Specifically, success rate, how is success determined, how long does it last (years/months), specific risks associated, info on any studies done. Thanks.
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Overall, about 80% report significant improvement (not necessarily cure) in their snoring.

I think it's a little too early to tell how long it will last for, as it's a relatively new process, ( 2000 I believe ) but they claim that if it works it should last forever.
The press release stated that " it's hoped that it will last forever, but there is a chance that people may need more shots in the future."

This comes from a British paper:

The method of injecting a chemical into the soft palate known as 'Snoreplasty' is not well recognised in the UK as an effective method of treating snoring. This method has been used in the past and was found to be unsuccessful and ineffective. The chemicals used to inject the soft palate are similar to those used for removing varicose veins and they work by destroying the injected tissue. However, the exact amount of chemical needed for effectiveness has not yet been established. If too much chemical is used it will destroy surrounding tissue unnecessarily. If too little chemical is used the treatment will be unsuccessful. The research to date is unconvincing as this method has been tried on just 27 patients whose snoring levels were only 11 decibels at the outset. Many of the patients relapsed after 1 year as the scar tissue softened.

Some risks include: infection.

People with sleep apnea  should not have this done.
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Thank you.
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