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Is Afrin Moistureized nasal spray better?

My question applies to competing brands, including stuff that is a copy like Equate, which I don't seem to currently offer the "Moisture" version.

So, is the "Afrin No Drip 12 Hour Pump Mist, Extra Moisturizing" better than the "regular Afrin"?  Same for any other competitors.

For reference, I have ongoing trouble with nasal congestion when lying down, sleep time.  Afrin and generic work great, but if I use for a week or more I start have sneezing problems.  I have other less effective means and use Afrin just a time or two a week when I feel I just can't take it any longer.   If moisturizing give something I'll pay extra.. in fact I have on bottle on order.  So I can answer my own question in the near future.  I find the simple saline nasal spray helpful, and that's moisture for sure.  I also have a Flonase generic prescription which doesn't really do the job, helps and I can use every night if it helps.  I use it most nights.
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Have you tried using a humidifier at night? Also, raising the head of your bed or even using extra pillows can help to a degree.
As for which spray is better...everyone's bodies are different. What works for one may not work for another.
Only by trying it will you know for sure which is best for you.

Good luck!
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I have tried the Afrin Moisturizing and can say it works at least  as well as the regular, including the Walmart Equate version.  I do not like the no-drip spray bottle, but it works.   As of now I'd not spend the extra to purchase more.  For one thing, one can not (in my experience) get a way with using it night after night, were the moisture may help.
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