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Is it possible for a palpable nodule to not show up on a CT scan?


I have been frequenting this board quite a bit lately in search of answers. I have been having persistent swelling of the parotid gland, I did antibiotics and it didn't clear anything up. I saw a dentist to rule out infections and the only problem that he found was there is a dark spot on a tooth in the same area, I am having this evaluated on Tuesday by an endodontist. My dentist and ENT believe the tooth is completed unrelated to the cheek swelling, as the problem seems to be coming from the parotid gland only (right side). The ENT said there was a palpable nodule in the gland and said he thought it was a salivary stone. I had a cat scan done (with and without contrast) and I was honestly shocked when I received a phone call today saying that nothing was found on my cat scan. How can that be possible if there is a palpable lump in my cheek? (Once again, infection was ruled out I did a strong dose of antibiotics and this has been going on for over a month now). I have a follow up with him next week on Thursday (this was scheduled at the same time that the cat scan was) to go over the scan and the next course of action, but I feel like that is ages from now! Has anyone experienced having a lump in their gland or duct and nothing show up on a cat scan? The inside of the cheek is constantly swollen, sometimes the outside swells, and when the doctors grab the actual parotid gland high up in my cheek it makes me jump because it is very tender.

Sorry if I sound redundant in my posts, I am in graduate school and this is a way for me to try and talk about the issue going on so I can try and get it off my mind!
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