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Is my nose broke?

A year ago back in November my ex-boyfriend got physical and hit me several times. He made my entire face black and blue and my eye swollen shut. My entire face was bloody as well from my nose. Now a year later my nose has a hump at the top near the eyes and is sore to the touch up on it. I want to know if he possibly could have fractured my nose or something for it to be hurting? The photo below is of how I looked after he hit me after I cleaned up the blood.  
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The photo's not showing up.  Did you receive medical attention at the time?  I'd hope pictures were taken (just in case there's a need in future to refer back to those).  I'd also hope that you took out a restraining order against your ex-boyfriend for your own protection.

A year later you're seeing a hump and it's sore to the touch, so yes, I think it may have been broken and healed poorly.  A doctor or plastic surgeon could advise you much better.

History tends to repeat itself -- have you figured out how to avoid being hurt by potentially abusive boyfriends?
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