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Is this some ear or brain problem?

I am unsure whether I should place this topic in ENT brain or anxiety category, but here's my problem.

For about a year now, I been getting pressure in my ears and head and behind the nose.

The feeling comes and goes, mild, aches and sometimes itchess....
I also get flare ups now and then.

Yesterday I had numbness in my head, I thought I was going to faint, my ears started ringing, although it felt like it was from the head, the volume went down my mind went blank and I felt anxious.

The numbness went from my head down my arns and legs like a burning sensation. Worried it might be MS after reading something online.

I been to the doctor twice before about it, had basal sprays, but they didn't work.
Told I had lots of fluid in my ears, and my sinuses may be blocking it.

Popping my ears does nothing, nasal irrigation does little.

Chewing or eating temporary helps releive the pressure.
I can hear crackling when moving my jaw.

I'm feeling fatigued sometimes, I also feel tired. I get tension headaches, It sometimes makes me clumsy, like there's a load inside my head, sometimes during flare ups I get nauseous and not right.... like down feeling.

I been thinking of trying some ear drops for the itchiness and fullness, see if it works are they safe?
I am born deaf in one ear.
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I believe I answered elsewhere and suggested the reverse ear pop over and over.  I know you have done it a couple of times but you have to do it several times. The reason why I think it will work is because that is essentially what chewing gum is also triggering. That release of pressure.  

Something else to try is an antihistamine over the counter like clariten and possibly psudeophedrine which can be purchased without prescription but is kept at the pharmacy and handed out by a pharmacist.  That may help you as well.  Hope so, any way.
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