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Jaw Problems & Vertigo?

Hello everyone!

Well, I posted on here a few times regarding the sudden onset of vertigo that I experienced about 8 weeks ago. I've had 3 severe attacks since then and have had EVERY medical test you can think of...eyes, bloodwork, CT scan, etc. Everything is medically "normal." My PCP did suggest it MIGHT be labyrnthitis. Though Meniere's disease was mentioned years ago, I'm not completed convinced that this is the problem.

Just recently, I noticed that the last few attacks were brought on either by chewing gum or after chewing hard things (chips, etc). Stress seems to be another factor, as well as keeping my jaw completely clenched while sleeping. I was examined by my husband (who is a chiropractor) today and he examined my jaw. I must first mention that this condition is very much right-sided. He noted SEVERE inflammation in my right jaw joint. He had me feel both sides of my jaw and the right side is portruded significantly. I must also mention that I have had clicking in my jaw for the past 6 months to a year - all on the right side - if I open my mouth too wide or if I move my jaw side to side.

It seems like the vertigo is brought on by eating, chewing and clenching...has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm not sure what to do next, but I think there is a direct causal relationship between my vertigo and my jaw. Any suggestions/comments would be more than appreciated!

Enjoy your evening!
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Hello, yes I have had the exact problem as you with jaw pain and vertigo. Over one year ago I also had every test to make sure my vertigo wasnt something too serious. The vertigo has subsided and I believe it is my jaw and TMJ. I now use a nite guard created by a dentist. I try to be aware of not clenching my teeth. I have had physical therapy on my shoulder, neck and face. I am trying to relax and not worry about everything so much. Vertigo is terrible feeling and I am grateful that it has subsided. Take is easy ImSimplyMe!
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I appreciate your feedback. Thank you for making me feel not so alone in all of this.
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Hi, just to let you know you're definitely not alone. I found this thread because I have experienced vertigo and pain in the jaw for the past few days. At first I thought it was wisdom teeth but now I'm not so sure. I find myself clinching my teeth moreso lately but cannot link any additional stress in my life to it because nothing has changed in lifestyle to add more stress. I experience the vertigo when moving my head up after looking down (I almost fell over at work) I cannot explain it but it is very annoying. Anything help the jaw pain for you? Just curious as this is new to me. Take care.
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I also have experienced vertigo.  A few times so severe as to cause vomiting.  Fortunately, it usually isn't guite that severe - I can control it by not moving my head certain ways.  Still it is very frustrating because you never know when it will come on or how bad it will be.  I also grind my teeth and chew the inside of my cheeks/clench my jaw.  I suspect that this may be all TMJ related.  I was in to the ENT who discovered nothing seriously wrong and my ears were clear.  Of course, the vertigo went away before I continued any treatment and did not return for a year.  This has been the trend for the last 10 - 15 years.  I am tired of the jaw clenching, vertigo headaches and jaw pain.  I wear a mouth splint at night, but still clench (although it is saving my teeth at least!)  Has anyone heard of a relationship between TMJ and vertigo?
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I have been diagnosed with TMJ in the last 12 months. I was suffering from alot of different symptoms. And like you had every test under the sun, with no answer as to what was going on. The Vertigo got extremely bad, and I started to hide myself from the world because I felt like a freak. I could be just standing there and the whole world would start spinning. I would be in my car stopped at the lights but it would feel like the car was still moving. Very scarey indeed. Cut along story short. I was sent to a TMJ specialist. MR's and CT scans were performed. They found my left jaw bone popped out of the socket and pushing into my middle ear canal. I have been getting treatment for this for 9 months now and the only time I feel strange is when my muscles are moving back into it's natural position. I had previously had CT scans and x-rays at my hospital that didn't pick up on this. So it can be missed. Hope you find the cause of your problem.
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hi, im trexy, philippines!!

You know what ive been experiencing many symptoms that you are experiencing too, just wanna ask do you also experienced blocked nose? you know what, I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT IS THE REAL CAUSE WHY I EXPERIENCED THIS VERTIGO, DIZZINESS, BLOCKED NOSE!  I just remember before i experienced this vertigo, many time when i open my mouth wide it locks, and it takes me a few seconds to return it in normal. After that i felt that my jaw hurts, then few weeks after that i then experienced this severe dizziness with vomitting. Its been almost a year now,  i still experience this slight vertigo, dizziness, blocked nose. really don't know what to do, PLs help!!!! Thanks and God Bless!!!

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