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Kenacomb Ear Drops and my blocked ear

As prescribed by my doctor, i have slightly reddish ears. He prescribed me some of this kenacomb. Now my question is, if its normal for my ears to feel blocked with only around 2 days of use ( 2 drops yesterday and 6 today( it says to use 2 drops 4 times a day)) Prior to this, i needed my ears syringed which didn't work out. So this Friday i have another appointment for a syringing (as my doctor says i should) However i have this same blocked feeling i did when i was using Waxol just a few days ago. Is this normal?. My doctor says he needs to see my actual eardrum before anything else can be done (i'v had some ringing ears for a bit, and that's what i first wanted to see him about, But he said i need to clean both my ears out before having an audio gram).

Now the question i ask: Is it safe to say that i can keep using these, my ears were blocked just like this when i was using waxol (roughly 70% hearing loss), is it safe to still be using kenacomb? (no pain, discomfort or anything like that is happening while using them, just really blocked ears.) Additionally worth noting is that my doctor said to use them as they are a really oily antibiotic drop. also today i had yellowy-clear liquid coming from my ears, i can only guess its the kenacomb dropping back out, and not an infection.
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EDIT: Also, i dont think i have a perforated ear. I have had no history of them,  nor do i have any symptoms associated (there was a time between syringing appointments where i could hear fine)
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