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Knot in throat when swallowing.

Hello, I have a constant lump in my throat sensation. I am 16 years old, male, 142 pounds, 5feet 10 inches, non-smoker, occasional drinker. My own trust in the average doctors abilities, knowledge, methods, and overall competence has been COMPLETELY shaken. So far I have been to two doctors. Excuse my own ignorance of any specific medical terms
The first doctor, which was a clinic doctor with no particular knowledge in ENT problems and disorders, shined the light down my throat and told me she did not see any kind of swell or bacterial problem *keep in mind what was just said for later treatment opposes this very information* then told me it was stress and that is how a normally swallow. But that my focusing on it or something was getting to my head and making me believe something was there that was not *and coincidentally enough 3 months before the very same doctor, after I had been diagnosed with IBS by a gastrologist, told me my stomach pain could be stress related so now I just completely feel this doctor chose the wrong field to practice in and instead should have taken a interest in leading yoga classes or some other mental enlightening nonsense if all she is going to say is I'm stressed for every medical problem presented to her.* ...Well it's spring break I was completely comfortable and have been completely relaxed before the problem occurred.  I see no reason at all why mental stress would cause me to wake up the next morning with a most SUDDEN difficulty of swallowing to occur. I am completely sure there is a physical, not physiological uncomfort going on in my throat and with that said I don't see how mental thoughts and stress can manifest into a completely abrupt disturbance now in my throat.
And then there is my second visit to the hospital..again the advice of a generic medical nurse and doctor..not an ENT specialist. So again the light was shined down my throat and the wooden device pressed in my mouth for me to say "aaaaww" and after those 5 mins of a completely non-concluding procedure expecting it to pin-point the cause of this feeling they went ahead and pulled down my shorts to give me a shot of steroids..at the time I thought to myself...hmm actual medicine that solves most physical problems maybe they know what it is I have and we are finally getting somewhere..turns out I realized they again..saw no infection or swelling and have no idea what I have but still prescribed me steroids to reduce swelling they cannot see and antibiotics to rid of infection they are not sure I even have..so some tests were run and now we know out of all the things I don't have it isn't mono or strep the good news is I don't have mono or strep..the bad news is my problem is not solved and the knot feeling persist.
So I was sent home with the misleading thought that they knew what I have after those test were run. And after a bit of personal researching on sites such as this one and many others I came to the realization that those doctors have no idea what is wrong with me. So I am almost sure that steroids and antibiotics are as likely to solve an undiagnosed problem as the ancient all purpose secret family remedy.*sarcasm* after research online I'm seeing many people with the same symptoms doing the whole "process of elimination routine of bouncing back and forth between doctors to have countless test done" over a course of 15months to 10 years.. Instead of spending all that time and stress finding out the millions of things I don't have I would appreciate a little doctor professionalism and instead of beating around the bush when I ask the question, "so what DO I have?" I understand this may be hard over the Internet and is a little unfair and childish to expect a full diagnoses of the problem over a website but I would like some reference to a kind of medical practitioner that understands 100% fully and knows of a procedure that will solve this problem. I am aware there is plenty of effective methods out their to find out what I have other than shining a light down my throat but just don't know who to go to. This sensation is very uncomfortable and I cannot take my mind off of it. Any kind of advice is welcomed but the 5% sure you have opinions and the 100% sure you don't have opinions are just getting a little old and are completely in-conclusive if I doctor does not know what I have I would much rather be referred to someone who could find out instead of a pat on the head, your comforting opinion and being sent home.
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