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Labyrinthitis corticosteroid question, please help ASAP

Hello, we've managed to convince our ER and primary doctor to prescribe my girlfriend with a short course (approx. 7 days) of corticosteroid (Methyprednisolone) because I've heard it may help with recovery from Labyrinthitis/Vestibular Neuronitis. The doctors seem unsure of what she has, but suspect Lab., but are awaiting a specialist.

It's been 24 days. Most severe symptoms match Labyrinthitis, Vestibular Neuronitis, BVVP. The few ATYPICAL symptoms include: migraines, double-vision, sensitive to light during migraines, and brain fog.

[B]My question is: should she take the corticosteroids? [/B]

Most articles I've read suggest them EARLY; it's already been 22 days and seems possibly pointless to take. However, we want to give it a try. Are there any dangers to this? I'm hoping they prevent further inflammation damage, but it seems too late in the game. Would it be harmless to try them? She's still having symptoms and possible inflammation.

Lastly, how does one differentiate BACTERIAL labyrinthitis from VIRAL labyrinthitis? I'm worried the corticosteroids are only meant for VIRAL, and may worsen any possibility of bacterial infection she has (media, interna).

Please help, thank you!
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