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Large Lump in back of throat

I have had a lump in my throat for the last six months.
It is at the very back of my throat and it is hard,it has gotten a bit bigger. First it made me nauseaus (like a finger in my throat). I have seen two Doctor's (on was my family Doctor, the other at a walk in clinic). Both Doctor's told me not to worry about it and that it was probably from my tonsils(which have never really bothered me), I have had blood tests done and its not due to Thyroid disease. The Doctors told me that it would go away soon. This has discouraged me from going back. Should I go back to the doctor ? Is it something I should be worried about?
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This is an addition to the question... I can also feel the lump on the outside of the back of my neck. Sometimes it swells up and then goes back to normal. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I thought I could relate, until I read the second post.

Now, behind your throat is your neck bone. Is the lump off-side? Are you sure it's the same bump you are seeing in your throat? I would think it'd have to very large to be noticed both in and outside your throat.

In the middle of the back my throat, I have an odd shaped, hard bump too. My doctor is aware and I did have my tonsils taken out and sure my ENT saw it. Neither seemed concerned.

It wouldn't be your tonsils, if at the back of your throat. Maybe the doc was meaning lymph node.

I can say that mine has been there over a year. Of course, could have very well been there earlier as I never truly investigated my throat prior. I did look into my daughters' throat (albeit, difficult to see due to tonsils and tongue;)and I thought a caught a glimpse of the same.

If this concerns you, a trip to an ENT may settle things but I wouldn't agonize over it.


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If you feel bump on the back of the throat, that could be syphllis STD. You need to get a treatment immediately for that.
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I have lump on right side of throat at back as well. It is a little red but is very large, thought it was always just a gland swollen or something coz have had tonsilitus previously and had cold etc. It is actually well big takes about quater of back of throat up, can breath fine n everthing but startin to get worried, anyone know anythig? Can slightly feel under mack but not alot but still bit more than ither side
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I Actually just got over tonsillitis I have the sameeeeee Lump it actually takes about half of the whole back throat wall I had for 4-5 years doesn't hurt or anything I think its normal , this will make you feel better put your finger in your mouth turn your head to one side while your touching the back throat wall, if you feel a lump its normal ,if you feel it on the other side its normal
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