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Large hole in upper tonsil

I have a large hole, approximately the size of the eraser on a pencil, in the upper part of my left tonsil. I have been to see an ENT with many years experience, who calls the whole a pocket. He said it will not go away. My biggest concern is, can the hole erode through a vein in my throat? I have always heard you can bleed to death from your tonsils, but I assume that would only be from having them removed. The ENT I saw said I didn't need to rush into a tonsillectomy, however, there are times when I get tonsil stones in that pocket and it is hard to clean it out. I am worried about tonsil cancer and also about the crypt or pocket enlarging and causing me to bleed. Is that possible or am I worrying over something minor? It appears there are some veins around that area of the throat, so just wondering. I will try to upload a photo.
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