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Laryngeal Spasms since thyroid problems

I am now 52 and had surgery for an overactive thyroid when i was 28.  After I had surgery I started having a very sensitive larynx when I had any sort of cold or cough.   Sometimes the spasms are so bad that I completely stop being able to breath - perhaps for a minute and then continue to have severe breathing difficulties for some minutes after that.  I find the experience very scary although i try to stay calm.  I've had tubes stuck down my nose but my larynx looked fine.  That I expected as I only have problems when I have a cold or cough.  Is there anything I can do to stop them happening?
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OMG!  I have the same problem... had a thyroidectomy in '93 with laryngeal nerve damage.  My vocal cords were paralyzed on one side for 6 months...now this doc is retired.  I have just had the paramedics called to my gym because I have this horrible stridor sound and inability to breath until I get dizzy and feel like I'm going to die....it subsides in about 2-5minutes.  Everyone was scared at the gym. It sounds horrible!   I am going to see an ENT on January 2....what is this?
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try cantbreathesuspectvcd.com

excellent resource!
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Hi Everyone
I have ben diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and I have had problems with swallowing I am trying to swallow and it just doesnt happen. I have had my airways close and be unable to breath in or out.
My last attack happened in a shop full of people and I couldn,t ask for help. I eventually recovered but am so scared that I wont get my breath.
Can anyone advise me on how to cope or if I need to go back to the doctor.
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You have to see the doctor, no doubt about it.

Best rgds,

Thomas Antony
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