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Lingering sinus problems

Hello, around early-mid January, I started getting sinus pressure. I went to my PCP and got a script for augmenten. I had to stop taking it after 1 day because it really upset my stomach. I just let things be and was going to let it go away on its own. Well, I had the pressure on and off until the 1st of this, month, when the pressure in my sinuses and ears kept me awake that night. The next day I went to an immediate care and got diagnosed with sinusitis and was given a 10 day run of doxycycline.

5 days later, the 7th of this month, I developed a really bad cold. I had a fever, sore throat, post nasal drip, and bad cough. I let that be for 2 days until the 9th, 1 week ago, when I woke up and my chest was hurting really bad every time I coughed. So, I went back to immediate care, and had a chest x-ray, which was fine. I had a slight fever, less than the days before, and was given a steroid (methylprednisolone), for my symptoms.

I was around my Mom and a friend who were both sick with bronchitis and a bad cold, so I may have caught it from them.

Anyways, I finished my antibiotics and finished my steroid pack. The steroid pack made me feel all the way back to normal.

Except for one thing, my sinus symptoms still persist. They are on and off, usually worse later in the day, but I am getting really bad pain behind my nose, cheekbones, and center of forehead when I do have symptoms. The pressure accompanies this, but is more frequent than the pain.

I called my PCP, but have not heard back, and also have an appointment set up with an ENT next week.

I am just worried because I have looked some things up that says, even though it is rare, sinus infections could cause meningitis, bone infections, or brain abscesses. I have already taken antibiotics, so hopefully I am safe from that since they most likely would have taken away any bacteria infection.

But, nonetheless, I am worried and uncomfortable. I feel fine other than my sinus issues. No other symptoms. But, I'm just concerned of what it could progress into.

Is there anything I should do? I'm drinking lots of fluids and using a humidifier. I'm just don't know why I'm still having these issues after treatment.
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