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Long, stringy growth next to tonsil.

Hello, I have a long, almost tiny finger type growth next to my left tonsil (your right.) It's rubbing on my throat making me feel like i have food trapped in my throat. One minute my throat is perfect, and I had some crisps (potato chips) and then suddenly i felt this thing in my throat thinking it was food. It wasn't until I returned home that i noticed a tiny growth on my tonsil. It looks as if I had a normal tonsil, and for some reason a potato chip has sliced it half ways and is still attatched at the bottom, and flaps forward causing irritation. If i push it back up with a Qtip, it stays up for a while and looks like it should join on to my tonsil but wasnt bleeding or anything i dont think. Could this just be a pollyp? I asked my friends mother who is a nurse and she said it probably is. Or is this something more serious? I'm going to the doctors friday but I just want some peace of mind. If it was cancer, would it grow in such a strange, finger/even a tiny penis kind of way!? Or would it grow in like a lump kind of way, not a weird worm thing? It's not painful, just annoying. I'm a 20 year old male. Otherwise perfectly healthy, no smoking, no drinking. Thanks for any help!
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Did you ever find out what it was?
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This finger like thing, is it bony? If it is, have you looked into Eagle's syndrome?
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I seem to have the same thing, would really love to know what this is.
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i have this exact thing and its driving me mad! after i had lunch today i noticed it and i cant figure out what it is!! when I saw the little wormy-thing I thought i was going bonkers! Did you ever find out what it is??  This was posted a few years ago- who knows if you even still check this site....?
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I have it also.  Did anyone figure this out? Same color as tonsil. Doesnt hurt. Just bothers me somewhat.  
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