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Longterm Ear Stuffiness

I have had a stuffy feeling in my right ear for over a year now, can't pop it, no issue hearing, just feels stuffy. Like before you pop your ears on a plane.

I've been to 3 ENTS, as well as my primary care. Initially I was told there had probably been an ear infection and that several rounds of Flonase would empty out the remaining liquid, plus some antibiotics for good measure. After that did nothing it became "there is remaining swelling" from the liquid, and take more Flonase. After that did nothing a temporary tube was placed for a couple of months. This provided absolutely no change, however once the tube went into the right ear the left ear started to slowly feel stuffy as well, but not to the same level. Next ENT checked the eustachian tubes for any dysfunction and found nothing. A battery of hearing tests showed my hearing was fine, but the reflex in my right ear was off/not occurring (though he dr also noted that would not cause the full feeling.) Went on a low salt/caffeine diet for a couple of months to see if it could possibly be Meniere's despite no tinnitus or other hearing issues, but no change there.

Now the left ear is feeling stuffed most of the time, and popping it does not help much. Right ear remains un-poppable.  Last ENT gave a general "you may have to just live with it" response, which is not going to fly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I have had this!!  I had eustachian tube dysfunction.  This is a little canal in your inner ear.  It was like closing in on itself.  I did also have dizziness sometimes. Do you have that?  Anyway, I will give you my ENT given technique that helped me tremendously.  Reverse ear pops.  Hold your nose, blow and your ears will pop.  It feels where when the tube is like mine but you do it several times over and over.  It clears the canal.  You can also try an over the counter antihistamine or allergy pill like Claritin.  I know this sounds crazy but this cleared my issue up that I suffered with for almost 3 years.   Please try it and let me know what you think!
Unfortunately, I've had no luck with popping or reverse popping, but I haven't given Claritin a try yet. I'll try it out and hope for the best. If it helps at all I'll be over the moon.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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How did your Dr. check your eustachian tubes and said they were fine? If you can't pop your ear it is due to Eustachian tube not opening. My advice would be to get a ct scan or an MRI to see if they can see anything blocking the tube.
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