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Looking for second opinion, please help.

A bit long so please be patient and read it all..These past 6/7 months I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. Why? Simply because of a sexual encounter with a sex worker where I don't remember if I wore a condom or not. For months I believed that I had contacted HIV but my 11 negative STD/HIV tests in a span of 11 months makes me rule it out. The symptoms that I have been suffering are: A stuffy/ congested nose since JULY till today ( nasal sprays do help), my left tonsil is swollen but I really don't know how long its been like that, red dots on tip of tongue, weird bumps inside mouth front of gums ( not visible though), persistent white coating on tongue ( doesn't burn or hurt when I wash it off though), two cold sores on upper lip in past 4 months, and every now and then I get a feeling like something is stuck in my throat. Recently I went to ENT and at first thought it was allergies but I tested for it the next day and BAM negative everything. Next she decides to take piece of my swollen tonsil and send it to a lab. Also sends me to go get tested for HIV 2, Pertussis, and Pneumonia. Everything comes back and I tested for "ENTEROBACTER CLOCAE COMPLEX" on my tonsil but my blood work everything negative except Pneumonia and Pertussis came back with "high levels" and told me I need to get vaccinated against them. I asked her how do you get ENTEROBACTER CLOCAE ( bacterial infection) and apparently she doesn't know much about it and says its very rare... but based of some readings on the internet one gets it from prolonged hospital stays which I have never in my life done. She also brought up the possibly that it could be throat cancer based off my swollen tonsil but says its very little chance since my lab for my tonsil didn't come back for positive for cancer.. She has prescribed me on some Acid reflex medicine, amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, and clarithromycin. I finished my first prescription of all the antibiotics but I did miss a dosage of CIPRO one day because I kept getting headaches when I took it. Just yesterday I saw my ENT doctor again and after looking at my tonsil and nostrils she said it seems like i'm getting better. ( i don't feel or see any difference at all) She then decided to prescribe a second round of the medication i was taking before and insisted it should help but in case it doesn't then I'll need to remove my tonsils. My concerns are why isn't helping me??
And does this look like it can be potentially cancer??
And does anyone know anything about ENTEROBACTER CLOACAE??
Is it possible that this bacteria might of influenced my HIV tests??
Someone please help me, I really need it.
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