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Loss of voice after throat surgery to remove polyp

An ENT recently found a polyp in my throat and recommended surgery.  At the time the only symptom I had was a feeling something was stuck in my throat but my voice was fine.  The polyp was removed and is benign.  When I woke from surgery I couldn't talk.  It has been a week since surgery and the most voice I have is a whisper with effort.  The pitch fluctuates and the best way I can describe the sound is like someone with laryngitis.  Is it normal to experience this after polyp removal?  How long should I wait for the voice to return before seeking help?
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I think it's normal to lose one's voice when you just had a throat surgery.

By the way, was wondering what exactly did you mean by feeling something was stuck? Is it a very apparent sensation or can you barely feel it?

I'm experiencing something similar and I wonder if it's polyp.
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I had the same surgery  done a week ago, I have a very hoar voice from the surgery, I was wondering how you are today?Did you voice inprove and how long were you hoar.

Good Luck
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I am having surgery soon for the same problem, i was wondering if anyone can tell me if your put  to sleep or are u awake while having the operation, please can someone tell me im really worried as i have about 3 polyps to be removed.
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I had surgery 5 days ago to remove polyps from my throat. i did not talk for 3 DAYS per dr orders, but i do not have my viice back as yet.how long does it take?
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I had a polyp removed two years ago and my voice has gotten worse and worse, its is now all but gone and very very sore, any advise.
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I had surgery 8 days ago to remove polyps from my voice box and can still only talk in a whisper. I was told to rest my voice for a couple of days,which I did, but still no improvement. If anyone is reading this who has any advice on this I would be very grateful to hear it.
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