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Lump-\_ Scareed!!!!!!

I am 20 yrs old..
I can feel a small lump below my left jaw close to my neck [since the last 3/4 months]. It is not painfull and I think it is immovable.. I can feel a smaller one in right to.. but it is too smaller when compared to the left one..
I used to have frequent head aches on my left side.. Now I have a slight pain all over the left side of my head.. and can feel a slight swelling..
Few months ago i had a pain on the lower right abdomen. Even now i can feel the pain when i sneeze. I have Asthma probs since I was 7. I have a very weak body...
I have pain on my left neck musscles too.. on back and also in front.. And also had a foot pain 4 nearly 2weaks from now...

I consulted with a Local Homeo Physician. He said it is just a gland.

But I am really scared now!!!!!!!
When i went through the net I felt like they are all symptoms of Canser ..

Please Give me a good adivice...
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hi thes are your limpnods.and thare swoolen .do you have a tooth infection.if you have eny kind of lumps in your jaw or neack. this is a infection of some kind. and this could have came from your asthma to. you should see a dr  for this.  good luck.
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I dont have a tooth infection, But I have my wisdom teeth coming out.. It has come out completely... so..........
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hi  anooz when was this. when did your wisdom teeth come out.i dont think its canser.somethig about this dosent say canser.some times we just get thes lumps and we just dont no what thare  from .what did your dr say about the lumps again.
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ps .canser of the what. neck
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A homeo doc said its just a gland... My wisdom teeth started coming out 1 yr ago.. It has not become bigger as the other once yet... Some time I have a slight pain in my left year, Some times a sound of water moving when I move my jaw, And also pain all over the left side of my head... From top of the head till the shoulder on the left..
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