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Lump above ear

I am 3 months pregnant and just noticed a painful pea-sized lump above my right ear.  It is right in the crease between where the top of my ear begins, and my temple.  It hurts like a bruise when I touch it.  Is this something I should be worried about?  Is there a lymph node there?  I know it is not a pimple because it is very deep under my skin and rolls like a marble.
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I have one in front of my ear. It is a gland and I didn't know I had any there until this popped up. I don't have any answers for you, the nurse just said to watch it and come back if it got bigger. I'm curious to see what others say on here. I also have one on my neck but the dr's don't seem to think its a big deal.
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What ever happened to the lump?  I have one too, and I am very worried about it.
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So am i, i have one below my ear, one side the bump is hard and the other side, their is a bump, but very small. it doesnt hurt or anything, and hasnt gotten any bigger.
but any bumps, lumps can have people get concerned. mine does not hurt, but i am still planning getting it check out within a day or two.

Hope nothing is wrong with me or anyone else for that matter
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I woke up in bad pain on the right side of my face and head. I noticed that side of my face was slightly swollen, and I had a swollen knot of some kind in front of my ear toward the top. My ear hurts, my head hurts, under my eye and my cheek hurt??????
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I have the same thing on my right side too. I got it in my 3rd trimester of being pregnant. when I was in the hospital to have my baby and when I told by OBGYN prior, they all said just to watch it. I had about 3 doctors tell me that. after my c-section, about 2 days later, my blood pressure went up, and the ball got bigger. Finally a doctor told me to see a rhumetologist and they sent one in plus a neurologist. They thought it might be Temporal Arthritis, but after an MRI, and both teams, they said I was to young for that iand they didn't see anything. Now they told be to see an ENT doctor. that it might be a sinus thing or a lymph node. Monday is my appointment. I'll keep you posted.
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