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Lump behind my ear

I notice about a week ago this lump behind my ear. I left it alone until the other day. I showed my mom and she said its probably a pimple. So me being me I have to perform surgery on any zit lol i squeezed this lump and poked it with a pin thinking it would pop and my troubles would be over. This did not work at all. It did not pop and it was even more red and irritated. I looked it up on the internet and all the topics say it either a swollen glad or a tumor. I have been told to leave it alone or ill make it worse but this morning I thought it looked like it could be popped but again I was wrong. It is now larger and more swollen. I got an opinion from someone at my work they say its a pimple that cant be popped (Ive never had a pimple i couldnt pop) . I was thinking I should see a doctor but if its just a pimple I dont want to look like an idiot.
Does anyone have any advise or a similar experience? Should I just leave it alone for a few days and se what happens then see a doctor?
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Go see your doctor.  If you tried to pop it and it didn't pop, but got larger instead, your doctor can numb you up and cut the abscess open.  If it's not an abscess, oral antibiotics can cure a cellulitis.
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