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Lump behind my right ear

I have a lump behind my right ear the size of an acorn. Its really hard and does not move when i press on it. I have had it for years and i dont think that i have had any problems with it. I have been diagnosed with Migraines and have always wondered if they are caused from the lump. I cant wear sun glasses because they rest on the lump and cause me to get a migraine. I was just wanting to know if you could help me in figuring out what it could be and if it is harmful to my health? I also would like to know if it would be best to have it cut out? Thank you for your time and i hope that you can help me.
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The lump cannot cause your migraines

if it's been there for years, then it's not likely to give your problems.  Cutting it out could give you more problems, from complications of the surgery.

Ask your doctor
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She knows nothing.  At the very least, if you cannot wear glasses because of a lump on your ear, then that simply can be the cause of a migrane.

Most definitely, my opinion is, that you have something removed if it is causing you problems.  This sounds  so simple, it is subcutaneous not a tumor in the middle of your brain!

Why wouldn't you want it removed?  How many problems can a minor surgical procedure like that cause you?  At the very most, you may have to take an antibiotic.  OMG, how could you ever handle that?  LOL!

Wish you the best.

You don't want it to grow like this do you?

Sure hope this isn't an issue for you!
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