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Lump in neck

A few days ago I noticed a lump slightly smaller than a pea on my neck right under my chin about half an inch from the midline of my neck right under the skin.  It seems to have gotten a little bigger after agitating it but I could be wrong.  Just today I started to get soreness on that side of my neck when pressing my fingers up under my jaw.  I am a 22 year old female nonsmoker and I would just like to know what this could possibly be.  Thank you!
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Usually it is normal if it is pea sized or smaller and yes it will get bigger if you irritate it. But if it does not go away in 2 weeks after you notice it go in. It is best to find these early just incase. I also have a lump but mine is the size of a grape and I am in the middle of getting many tests done. Best of luck to you
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I just posted a question on Dec. 11-2006.  I think it is a good idea to have any lumps in the neck checked.  My daughter has a lump and after many test and many weeks later, it was diagnosed as a cyst.  She is due to have surgery on Jan. 8th.  Please get it checked. Take care....
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