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Lump in throat for over a year

I discovered a lump in my throat on the right side about an inch and a half down, and about a half an inch to the right from my chin. At the dentist about a year ago I had him feel it and he said it was nothing to worry about and it should go away (he showed me that he had some also that had been in his throat for awhile). But it has been about a year and the lump to the best of my knowledge hasn't gotten any bigger or smaller, neither does it feel like it has shifted positions. I have to admit I am very worried about it. I'm a college graduate who just returned home, and I'm waiting until January to get on my parents new medical plan before I get it checked out. My question is, has anyone heard of a lump staying in the throat for such a long period of time? And do you think it's critical that I get this checked asap? I will get it check as soon as our plan takes effect. I appreciate the help.
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Could this just be one of your glands? I have them to the left & right of my chin, just under my jaw, you can sort of move it around right?  If so, it's just a gland.

Does it hurt when you touch it? If so - then you should have it checked out. But our neck's are full of glands & nodes - so my guess is that's all it is. But if it's really  bothering you a lot - go see a doc.
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Hi there I just posted a question on Dec. 11-2006.  My daughter has a lump on her throat.  I read your question.  Please dont hestitate to get this checked out.  Have you been able to see the doctor since you posted your question?  After many weeks of tests, my daughter was diagnosed with a cyst in her neck.  She is due to have surgery on Jan. 8th. to have the cyst removed.  I came on this website to see if anyone had personal experience with the type of cyst my daughter has.  It is called a Throglossal Duct Cyst.  Just wanted to let you know, that a lump on the neck is not always an enflamed lymph node.  Please have it checked. A CT scam should reveal the problem if any.  Take care....
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