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Lump in throat next to tonsil

So a few days ago my one tonsil got big and had white streaks of pus on it I looked those sytoms up and it sounded like strep yesterday it felt and looked like it went away but today I looked in my throat because it felt like something was touching and there's a pointed piece of flesh around my tonsil area... any idea of what this is??? I'm going to go to my doctor soon if it doesn't clear up
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You likely didn't have strep if your throat wasn't massively painful.  Strep throat actually usually looks simply bright red.  I'd guess you have tonsillitis.  Your throat may just be swollen when you look back there.  You can gargle with salt water to see if that helps or take ibuprofen to reduce swelling (if that is something you can take without problem).  If it IS tonsillitis, antibiotics can clear that up.  So, a doctors visit is in order if you still have symptoms (usually with a viral cold, you get a sore throat that lasts just a couple of days and then is gone and other symptoms are more present like the runny nose and such).  This symptom tracker may help you too  https://symptomchecker.webmd.com/multiple-symptoms?symptoms=lump-or-bulge|sore-throat|swollen-tonsils&symptomids=148|219|188&locations=10|10|10

Hope you feel better!
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