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Lump in throat?

I have had a lump in my throat for like a year now, but I don't really have other symptoms present. It happened all of a sudden, I used to sing a lot before it happened, but now I don't because since the lump my throat has changed my voice quite a bit, it sounds different. Also, the lump feels obstructive when I breathe when I do intensive exercise (I run 100m dash) and it is very annoying. The lump has gone down in size and when it does I feel I can actually breathe better and speak in my normal voice as well. But then it grows in size again, sometimes when I sing again (I din't know if there is a connection) I can feel it, it is like a tight sensation and it is very annoying. I thought it qs a thyroid thing, but I just got some blood tests and there is nothing to indicate that there is something wrong with it as well as everything else being normal. I am planning to go to an ENT specialist soon, but I am concerned because it annoys me and want to know what it might be.
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