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Lump on bone behind ear

My daughter is 18 months old she developed a bump behind here ear on the bone right behind the ear. i noticed the bump about 4 months ago i took her to the doctor thinking maybe she had hit her head and i did not relize the bump was there. he said not to worry about it but never gave me an explantation. the bump seems to go away and then come back randomly. it is located on the bone behind her ear about level to the lobe, and dose not seem to be pain full for her at all it is NOT red or swallon and it is some what hard but has some give to it. it does NOT feel hard as a bone.Im not sure what it could be and im am very worried. my daughter does not seem affected by it. and she is developing at the rate she should be but im still concerned it could be a tumor or something. Please help me
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I have this too (have for years) and will bring it up to my ENT on the 5th- out of curiosity (not concerned).
I haven't read enough about this but mastoiditis is what comes to mind.
My question is, if this was at one time present (and cured) if this bump can simply be "left over" from this.

I know this doesn't help you but perhaps a question you can bring up to your doctor, too.


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I had this happen to me when I was very young. I still have this enlarged node on the bone behind my right ear. Doctors told my Mom it was nothing to worry about and just a sign of infection.
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I had this for years, I am 37 now and had it cut out last year.  The darn thing had roots.  They did it right their at the ENT doc's office.  I thought maybe it was causing all my ear pain.  Well, I still have ear pain and it actually hurts to lay on either ear at night. Removing it was no big deal. The local is what hurt the most.  
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my girlfriend is 16 turn 17 soon and she's had a small lump on the bone behind her right ear but it is not as big as it was its smaller now she's had it for a few months now she's been to the doctors twice and they say its coming from swallen glans... but she is still worried can any1 help us please ....
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I have a lump behind my left ear.  I have had it for 25 years and has never bothered me.  When my mom found it she did freak and took me to the doctor.  The only thing he did was show us his lump behind his ear.
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