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Lump on neck

My eight year old daughter has a lump on her neck.  It became enlarged about two months ago after strep throat.  At first, doctors said that it was an enlarge lymph node due to the infection.  Well it seemed to subside a bit in size with antibiotics prescribed.  A month later it returned, a CT scan revealed it to be an abscess. ENT specialist recomended to have it surgically drained.  After weeks of the lump still being there, my anxiety grew not knowing what this could be.  More test were done and revealed it to be a Throglossal Duct Cyst.  She is due to have surgery on Jan. 8th. to have the cyst removed. I am so worried, can anyone tell me if you have known anyone to have this surgery.  Would like to talk to them about the recovery.  Also for those of you who have questions about lumps on neck---Please look into it don't assume that it is just an enflamed lymph node. (as I was told my a doctor who did a visual observation)  There could be so much more to it.  Usually a CT scan will reveal what is the cause for the lump.  Any comments would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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My 10 year old son has been having a problem that sounds the same as your daughter. I have taken him to the doctor twice in the last week for this lump that has grown and now I see another one coming. They took blood and did a chest xray(don't ask me why) but all they can say is it's a infection and perscribe some meds. I have made an appointment with a ENT specialist this coming week so I hope to get some answers there. Please update us on your daughter I would love to know more.
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Hi, I had a Thyroglossal Cyst removed 14years ago when I was 24. I was pregnant at the time (17wks), all went well, no pain and stayed in hospital 4 days.  Had my baby boy in the November everything fine. One problem the cyst grew back 18mths later, they said that they could'nt remove all the original cyst because being pregnant they could'nt scan me and see where the cyst was and they were'nt sure whether they had got it all. Anyway I went back in and they removed the cyst having had a CT Scan, they also removed my Hyroid bone in my throat which the cyst was growing on. I have'nt had any problems since. Surgery and care has come so far and I am sure that things have improved since my surgery even though everything was fine.
Take care Alice.
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I live in the Bahamas, I have a daughter who is 8 years old and have the same problem. The doctors over here are puzzled and don't know what to do. My daughter isn't eating and it is painful for her to sleep. What should I do?
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