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Lump on top of gum area behind last tooth.......

I have several symptoms. I have a red lump on the top of my gum behind my right bottom moler tooth, where the jaw closes. When it gets inflamed I get a earache in my right ear. My tonsils are inflamed most of the time, but my right one always more. My lymph node under my jaw on the right side feels slightly swollen. I had my dentist look at it and a doctor about both can't seem to see it. It's the same color as my gums but it's raised and causes a earache. It is very bothersome. What is it??? It's driving my crazy and I want it taken care of. Could this be cancer? I still have all my teeth. This is not a new one coming in.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The raised and painful gums could be due to an impacted tooth. The common causes for ear pain ear cerumen (ear wax) impaction,  otitis interna (inner ear infection), otitis  externa and inflammations. The lymph nodes could be enlarged as a consequence to this. A detailed ENT exam could help determine the cause. Consult your doctor. In the meantime, you can use OTC Acetaminophen for relief from pain.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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