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Lump under my tongue and swollen Gland

I recently saw a dentist who did a Oral Exam and found a lump under my tongue. I had been complaining about my gland hurting and its not the first time, Infact its happened several times, since like 3 to 6 moths ago but never with like a cold or anything. I did see my doctor and she wants me to see a ENT specialist after my second visit with her cause it wont go away. Its been a month now since the discovery of this Lump. My Dentist wants me to see an Oral Surgeon. I don't know what to think cause all I get is a "hmmm" from both doctors and no explanations of the possibilities just so i'll know what I might be facing here. I have 3 kids who depend on me and Cancer runs through my family on both my Dad and Mom side. Not that it's cancer i don't want to go to far with my thoughts here but I don't know, im a bit worried here. What is the ENT for and/or the Oral Surgeon? What exactly do they look for? Thank you for taking your time with my question.
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You are getting "hmmms" from your dentist and your PCP because they do NOT know and are not going to attempt to guess which is prudent on their part.  

I think an Oral Surgeon would be more appropriate to follow up with vs ENT.  Oral Surgeons are more in tune with dealing with your situation; assessing growths/abnormalities in the oral cavity.  I am confident the Oral Surgeon will be able to give you a definite answer as to what this is. He/she will assess this "lump" and probably biopsy it.    
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The lump behind the tongue should be either hypertrophied lingual tonsils or the ectopic thyroid gland (also called Lingual thyroid). It is because of the chronic irritation in this site could have caused the enlargement of the lingual tonsils and hence the glands in the neck, or lingual thyroid was noticed accidentally during your dental checkup

Rather than speculating things, please do consult your ENT/Oral Specialist. Any more doubts you are welcome.

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Speaking of Thyroid, I am currently now tking medicine for my Thyroids. Their called LEVOTHROXINE 0.075 MG. This issue with my thyroid was discovered like 6-9 months ago. I will keep you updated though when visiting the ENT wich is this Tuesday the 13th. Thanks again to you and everyone responding to my questions.

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