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Lumps in neck, behind ear, and pelvic region

Hey all!
Ok, so for the past 4 months I've had a couch and an intense amount of mucus that cause costochondritis. It's still going on, so I plan on making a trip to the doctor; however, I have some more serious concerns I want to ask him about. I've got a lump on the right side of my upper neck (this one has been there for years) and just recently found one on the lower left side. I also have a hard one behind my right ear that's been there for years also. I found a hard lump on the inside of my right hip (kinda where my ovaries would be) about a year ago. Just thought I'd get some insight. I am 22 female and lack energy so much I've been to the doctor for it.
Anyways, can anyone give me any info? I'm calling the doc tomorrow for an appointment! :)
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I also wanted to add that I have daily neck pain that I'm going to an orthopedic doc for and intense migraines that have recently started to make me vomit (the last time I vomited 12 times) ...don't ask why I counted haha.
Just thought I'd give a little more background.
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I'm very tired and just noticed I typed "couch"... I meant COUGH
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